Location Planning for Topgolf Facilities using WIGeoLocation

Greenreb: Location Planning for Topgolf Facilities

Greenreb builds facilities for the sports and entertainment concept Topgolf in Central Europe. With the help of WIGeoLocation, they ensure the investment in each new facility is worthwhile.

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Planning optimal sales and service areas with WIGeoWeb

Sales Area Planning at Ascendum Construction Equipment

Ascendum sells, rents and services premium quality construction equipment. In six countries, Ascendum plans sales, customer service and recruitment with geomarketing software.

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Case Study AOK Nordost - Geodata in Health Insurance

Geodata in Health Insurance - The AOK Nordost

Healthcare planning: The AOK Nordost relies on GEOmarkets and other tools from WIGeoGIS to optimally provide their policyholders with doctors and preventive healthcare services.

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FIM uses WIGeoStandort for real estate development

Location Analysis in Real Estate Development

The FIM Unternehmensgruppe is continually expanding, developing and optimizing its portfolio of retail properties. Purchasing decisions are optimally prepared with the help of WIGeoLocation.

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Integrative geomarketing solutions by WIGeoGIS

JYSK is using geomarketing solutions

In order to grow, customers must be won away from the competition. This is only possible through a perfect location selection.

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Case Study Lotto BW - Location Analyses with WIGeoGIS Software

Case Study: Lotto Baden-Württemberg

Lotto Baden-Württemberg relies on the geo tool WIGeoLocation and data from WIGeoGIS for location analyses and location planning. This allows the betting provider to successfully further develop its network of locations.

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Database and data integration for location analyses of senior housing

Data Integration, Database & Analysis at TERRAGON

With a combination of a database developed in-house and the integration of the WebGIS WIGeoWeb, the market leader for high-quality senior housing has gained a unique knowledge advantage.

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Storebox uses WIGeoLocation - SuccessStory

Location Analysis: Case Study Storebox

Rational and fact-based location decisions: Storebox, your warehouse next door, relies on location analyses created with WIGeoLocation.

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Strategic Retailer Network Planning at hagebau

Strategic Retailer Network Planning – Example hagebau

WIGeoLocation, the geo and location analysis tool, provides support for real estate valuation, location development and sales area optimization

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GIS tools from WIGeoGIS perform the needs planning of the Archdiocesan Ordinariate of Munich/Freising

Case Study Archdiocesan Ordinariate

Daycare centers, churches, parish homes - the Archdiocesan Ordinariate of Munich and Freising uses modern GIS tools from WIGeoGIS when planning the needs for the building infrastructure.

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WebGIS case study CLAAS: Harvester

Case Study WebGIS: This is how CLAAS uses WIGeoWeb

Potential analysis, market analysis and territory management all with one WebGIS! Yes! CLAAS has been using its own WIGeoGIS WebGIS to answer many questions since 2014.

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Case study retail network planning STIHL

Case Study STIHL

The manufacturer of chainsaws and tools for the construction industry and gardening and landscape maintenance uses the location analysis software WIGeoLocation for the development of its retail network and advertising material planning.

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Finding Exact Geocoordinates: Real Estate Valuation at vdpResearch

vdpResearch creates over 600,000 valuations annually. They are based on coordinates provided by the JoinAddress geocoder.

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Gewista GIS photo preview

Gewista GIS - Planning and Visualization of Outdoor Advertising

Austria’s leading out of home provider relies on a custom WebGIS for media planning.

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Immotool ANWR WebGIS extension for WIGeoStandort

ANWR GROUP Manages Real Estate Offers with WIGeoLocation

Location offers are managed centrally with a WebGIS extension. This increases the efficiency and speed in the market.

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Merger Control Procedure Isochrone

Geomarketing in Competition Law

WIGeoGIS creates geographic market analyses for merger control procedures quickly, efficiently and accurately.

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VDMA Agricultural Machinery uses WebGIS Software powered by WIGeoGIS

VDMA - WebGIS supports tractor manufacturers

VDMA Agricultural Machinery uses WebGIS to support tractor manufacturers with geomarketing analyses for the optimization of sales and service structures.

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The ServiceCenter shops of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce use WIGeoGIS tools

GIS in the Vienna Chamber of Commerce

The ServiceCenter shops of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce have collaborated with WIGeoGIS in matters of location information.

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Real(e)value extends the real estate appraisal system with a WebGIS solution from WIGeoGIS

WIGeoWeb in Real Estate Appraisal

For example, Real(e)value enhances its proven, high-performance real estate appraisal tool by spatially representing the data using WebGIS.

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ANWR GROUP Uses WIGeoLocation for location analyses

ANWR GROUP uses WIGeoLocation

The trade cooperation ANWR GROUP generates location analyses for the specialist trade using WIGeoLocation.

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WIGeoGIS is supporting the broadband subsidy application process.

A WebGIS is supporting the broadband subsidy application process

The broadband offensive of the Federal Ministry for Traffic, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) started on 28.05.2015.

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Location planning for lotteries and gambling locations

Location Planning for Lotteries - Gambling with Responsibility

Geomarketing supports the Austrian Lotteries with their location planning.

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Geocoding for Risiko Management

GIS Technology in Risk Management at Munich Re

For Munich Re, GIS applications are an indispensable part of risk management.

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Geomarketing helps to manage the economic challenge of minimum wage.

The Lensing-Wolff media company uses geomarketing

The Lensing-Wolff media company implemented a customised GIS by WIGeoGIS to manage this economic challenge of minimum wage.

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Market data analysis with WIGeoGIS

Branch Marketing with Geomarketing at Erste Bank

Erste Bank´s branch marketing department has for years relied on a web-based branch and marketing information system from WIGeoGIS.

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Transparent market reporting

Transparent market reporting for banks with geomarketing

The Unicredit HypoVereinsbank (HVB) uses geomarketing to measure the success and potentials of its branches in Germany.

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Bank Austria: Geomarketing optimises sales structures

Unicredit Bank Austria: Geomarketing optimises sales structures

Using WIGeoGIS geomarketing software, UniCredit Bank Austria is optimising its sales structures based on physical branches.

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WIGeoNetwork to analyse catchment areas

WIGeoNetwork in use in the project development of new IKEA locations

The planning group Skribbe-Jansen uses the WIGeoNetwork to analyse catchment areas of IKEA locations.

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Intersport: Location analyses for retail

Intersport: Location analyses for retail

The world’s largest dealer network has relied on WIGeoGIS’s geomarketing software in Germany for several years already.

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Sales development in tobacco wholesale

Sales development in tobacco wholesale

Eduard Rausch, internationally experienced manager for the tobacco industry and managing director of DanCzek AT GmbH, used geographical information systems for the first time in order to reshape sales.

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Fighting crime with GIS

Fighting crime with GIS-based street network analysis

The latest example of the Bavarian Police: detention of the car carrier shooters

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Geomarketing for successful direct marketing

Geomarketing for direct marketing at Österreichische Post

Direct marketing stands for as little wastage as possible, yet the demands of customers on distributors of direct-to-household advertisements are increasing.

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