Location Planning for Lotteries

Case Study Overview

Customer: Austrian Lotteries

Application: Location analysis, Assessment of new locations, management of existing acceptance points

Product: WIGeoLocation, Geocoder JoinAddress

Goal: Fast and accurate location analysis using informative reports

Use: Management of potential and approximately 7000 existing sites

Location Analysis for Lotteries - Gambling with Responsibility

With the custom solution developed by WIGeoGIS, the Austrian Lotteries can quickly and precisely analyze the potential of new locations. The numerous existing acceptance points are managed in the system. When planning new locations, sales partners already located in the catchment area can be taken into account quickly and easily.

The gambling company “Austrian Lotteries” relies on the geo-marketing solution from WIGeoGIS to analyze, evaluate and manage new and existing sales partners. “6 out of 45”, Bingo, Brieflos and various scratchers are some of the products that the company offers adults with an interest in gambling. Approximately 7,000 sales partners such as tobacco shops, post offices, chain stores and gas stations sell the company’s products.

Based on WIGeoLocation

The Austrian Lotteries use WIGeoLocation in order to optimally plan locations throughout Austria. The connection with the internal database makes it possible to visualize the individual points of sale and to provide them with company codes. The application automatically uploads all existing locations to the web browser. In addition, the locations are classified according to different types.
A potentially new sales partner can be entered either by clicking on the map or by entering the address. To qualitatively verify the address, the application is supported on the backend by the JoinAdress software, which uses the web to access the addresses and coordinates of the data product Data.Geo.

WIGeoGIS supports the Austrian Lotteries with their location planning

Easy Assessment

After entering a new location, the application displays already existing partners in the immediate vicinity, which can then be taken into account in the location planning. Now the Austrian Lotteries can immediately calculate a catchment area. The radius around the location can be selected freely, allowing different sized areas to be easily defined. It is also possible to view photos from the database for each POS.

This provides users with an additional visual assessment of the location. Finally, the results of the location analysis are automatically compiled together with all the internal data into a meaningful report. The report contains information about the surrounding POS as well as geographic data. In order to perform a complete analysis of the potential location, the report can be expanded to include demographic data. The software from WIGeoGIS provides a comprehensive solution for the Austrian Lotteries when it comes to location analyses and location planning. WIGeoLocation was customized to meet the needs of the Austrian Lotteries. By integrating several steps, the company saves time planning their locations.

At the push of a button, the company receives a meaningful, standardized report that helps them make informed decisions when planning their new locations.

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