JoinAddress is a modern software for the geocoding of addresses and databases from around the world. JoinAddress offers a holistic approach for different application scenarios. A sophisticated, country-specific logic is at the heart of the geocoder. In just a few steps you will receive exact coordinates for your addresses, which you can further process in all common GIS systems and map applications as well as databases with address references.

JoinAddress is available in two versions: As a geocoder for local installation (On Premise) in your company and via web access for online geocoding in a browser.

Our tip: Test JoinAddress for free and with no obligation. You can then geocode 400 addresses for free. The trial period ends automatically. After registering, you can start right away, upload addresses (for example from an Excel file) and in a few seconds receive exact coordinates for download.

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JoinAddress is your fast, flexible and easy solution for professional geocoding in your company. JoinAddress is based on tried and true technology and comprehensive data quality. JoinAddress offers advantages for different application scenarios:

Highest geographical accuracy

Very fast geocoding, even with mass data

Modern clients (for ArcGIS, QGIS, WIGeoWeb, Web)

Easy integration with corporate IT and available as a web service

Own geocoder API

Three Highlights

JoinAddress can do a lot! Here are three highlights of its features.

Addresses from Excel are shown as points on the map

Is it possible to convert addresses from an Excel file into coordinates? Of course!

With JoinAddress you can geocode addresses from Excel files (and CVS or txt) in no time. Upload, create a project, press a button, download the coordinates and you are done.

Geocoder working at night

Can I start the geocoder and go to sleep? Of course!

JoinAddress is a batch geocoder, so it automatically processes mass data after you have started the process. As an online version, this can even be done from your home office.

Manual editing of addresses for more precise coordinates

Is it possible to check the quality of the addresses and edit them immediately? Of course!

JoinAddress shows you the quality of the geocoding result for each address and thus the quality of your addresses. You can edit the address directly in the tool by calling up the address directly on the map or from a list.

JoinAddress: The Geocoder and its Features at a Glance

JoinAddress offers all the features that companies need for geocoding.

JoinAddress: The Construction Plan of Our Sophisticated Geocoder

JoinAddress is a very flexible geocoder that can be adapted to your specific needs. This is due to its smart architecture. We would like to give you a look at the inside of our geocoding solution.

The heart and brain of the geocoder is the JoinAddress server. This is where the geocoding takes place based on an intelligent comparison logic. In addition, worldwide addresses are uniformly converted into exact coordinates. JoinAddress not only accesses its local database, but also uses its intelligence to search external databases, always with the goal in mind of finding the best X/Y coordinates for an address.

JoinAddress is also extremely flexible when it comes to how it is used. You can install the geocoder locally in your company or geocode online using a web client.
Was that too little information for you? Contact us using the form at the bottom of the page. We will be happy to send you all the specifications and technical data for your IT specialists.


Address geocoding: Convert addresses into coordinates?

Reverse geocoding: Find addresses for coordinates (only with local installation)

Batch geocoding: Process large amounts of data at once

Quality parameters: JoinAddress determines a coordinate for each address and describes its quality

Manual editing: Check addresses after geocoding and edit them manually (from lists, on map)

Automatic uniform correct spelling of streets and cities

Projections: Preparation of various geographic projections (e.g. Gauss-Krüger)

Geocoding Online with JoinAddress (Tutorial): How to Convert Your Addresses from an Excel File into Precise Coordinates

The fastest way to get exact coordinates from your addresses is online geocoding with JoinAddress Web:

  1. Register
  2. Create a project and upload data from Excel
  3. Start geocoding
  4. Look at the results
  5. Download coordinates (e.g. as an Excel file)


In the tutorial you can see that it is actually that easy.

JoinAddress as a Local Installation for Everyone Who Regularly Geocodes Large Address Lists

With joinAddress, you are relying on a sophisticated and tried and true geocoding software. We recommend installing the geocoder (On Premise) in the company if you:

Regularly process large amounts of addresses

Geocode highly sensitive data

Want to integrate geocoding functions in an existing application

Want to geocode in your own IT landscape

Want to budget independent of volume

Advantages of Installing JoinAddress Locally

  • Flexible configuration
  • Flexible integration with commonly used databases such as MS SQL and Oracle
  • API interface for integration with internal systems
  • Extension for ArcGIS
  • Plugin for QGIS (coming soon)
  • Reverse geocoding

JoinAddress Web: The Online Geocoder for Everyone Who Wants to Get Started Right Away

Our sophisticated geocoding solution has also been available as a web service since 2017. We recommend online geocoding to everyone who:

Wants to convert addresses into coordinates ad hoc without advance notice

Are new to geocoding

Would like to avoid initial costs and the effort of an IT project

Have no experience with the maintenance and updating of geodata

Want to avoid running costs and maintenance contracts

Only occasionally geocode addresses from regions that are not covered by your in-house solution

Geocoding process

 Advantages of JoinAddress Web as an Online Geocoder

  • Available quickly, easily, anywhere and any time
  • Always up-to-date maps and geodata
  • No maintenance and updates
  • Easy to use: from address to coordinates in just 5 steps
  • Geocoding of addresses from Excel, CSV, txt
  • Download the coordinates as an Excel file, CSV, txt, shape and file geodatabase
  • Storage and processing of address data securely on a WIGeoGIS server in Vienna
  • After geocoding, you can permanently delete the project and all data. Your project and data cannot be reconstructed
  • Book affordable, scalable volumes online

Test JoinAddress for Free With No Obligation! Geocode 400 addresses for free. The trial period ends automatically, no cancellation required.

Pricing: What Does Geocoding with JoinAddress Cost?

In terms of prices, there are differences between JoinAddress as a locally installed version (On Premise) and JoinAddress as the online version.

Prices for Online Geocoding

Pricing for Online Geocoding with JoinAddress is based on volumes. Depending on how many addresses you want to geocode, choose the appropriate volume. There is no expiry date. If you have purchased a volume, you can redeem it indefinitely.
After registering and the free trial, choose one of the following volumes:

Number of Addresses 
Price in €
1.000 adresses150,-
5.000 adresses
10.000 adresses990,-
25.000  adresses
50.000 adresses1.890,-
100.000  adresses
200.000 adresses3.390,-
500.000 adresses

The above prices are net prices. Customers and businesses in Austria must pay 20% VAT. Companies from EU countries who provide their UID number do not have to pay any VAT. Private customers from EU countries must pay the applicable VAT for their country of origin. Businesses and private customers outside the EU do not have to pay any VAT.

Prices for a Locally Installed Geocoder (On Premise)

If you install JoinAddress locally in the company, the price depends on your requirements. The following factors contribute to the price:

  • Internationality of your addresses: Would you like to geocode addresses from just one country or from multiple countries and regions?
  • Number of licenses/users required
  • Number of interfaces to databases required
  • Extension for ArcGIS
  • Plugin for QGIS
  • Maintenance contract (if required)
  • Special requests

Talk to us: We are happy to provide consulting as to which constellation will be best to geocode your address lists effectively and efficiently. Many of our customers have installed JoinAddress locally, but also use the online geocoder. We will help you calculate which solution is best for you. We see this as a service and our duty.

Examples & Case Studies

JoinAddress is used by many companies in different industries. Here you will find selected examples and further information.

Geocoding for Risiko Management

GIS Technology in Risk Management at Munich Re

For Munich Re, GIS applications are an indispensable part of risk management.

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Finding Exact Geocoordinates: Real Estate Valuation at vdpResearch

vdpResearch creates over 600,000 valuations annually. They are based on coordinates provided by the JoinAddress geocoder.

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Geocoding: Use of coordinates in the company

Geocoding: Information and Tips for Use

Here you will find background information, tips and insights into how companies use coordinates and geocoding for their business success.

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  • How does geocoding software work?

    A geocoder is always a combination of software and geodata. The geocoding software JoinAddress contains the search and match logic. Regional geodatabases contain the exact reference addresses for a country or region including the best available coordinates at different spatial levels. The data is provided by land survey offices or private providers such as Post, TomTom or HERE.

  • Are language and other country-specific characteristics taken into account?

    Definitely! We prepare the data for each country taking into account any address rules and administrative factors. For example, when geocoding US addresses the State must be taken into account. French addresses use different abbreviations than English addresses. When geocoding Russian or Bulgarian addresses Cyrillic characters must be processed.

  • Can I combine an in-house geocoding solution with an online geocoding solution?

    Of course! You can use an in-house solution for your core markets, i.e. where you have many addresses, and our online services for all the other countries.

  • What happens if an address is not found or if a command yields several possible addresses?

    JoinAddress provides a probability value with each response. The software can be set so that if a certain probability is exceeded, the output is automatically accepted or a manual interaction is required.

  • For servers, JoinAddress runs on Windows and Linux. For clients, a web client is available (required: a modern web browser) or a Windows client.