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JoinAddress is a software for the global geocoding of addresses and databases. JoinAddress offers a holistic approach for different application scenarios. Sophisticated, country-specific logic is at the heart of the geocoder.

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Geocoding - Your Benefits

Addresses are a central piece of information for your company data and are the basis for numerous sales, expansion and marketing activities.

  • Where do my customers live?
  • Where do I find my target group?

Correct answers to these questions need addresses and coordinates which can be generated by a process called geocoding. The geocoder JoinAddress supports you.

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Geocode Quickly and Easily Online

JoinAddress Web geocodes addresses automatically in high quality using your web browser - online around the clock. The geocoder offers uniform global geocoding. Ideal for small amounts and geocoding as needed. Click below for more information and test JoinAddress Web for free!

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JoinAddress - The Geocoder for Your Business

With JoinAddress, WIGeoGIS offers a tried and true software solution. If you regularly process large address databases, we recommend installing the JoinAddress geocoder at your company.

JoinAddress is a combination of software and geodata.

WebClient and Server

The WebClient communicates with the JoinAddress server and controls the geocoding process. After the automatic processing, the results can be further processed semi-automatically.

The server communicates with different reference databases and includes the logic that determines the best possible X/Y coordinate for an address from the reference data.

The geocoding software also includes an extension for ArcGIS.

Address Databases

JoinAddress databases are created for Europe and North America from the street databases of TomTom and HERE.

Exact GPS coordinates are available for Germany, Austria and many other countries.

It is also possible to integrate regional databases into the software. For global geocoding, JoinAddress sends addresses to geocoding services like Bing Maps or HERE and imports the results in a uniform format.

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Flexible integration with popular databases such as MS SQL and Oracle
  • Quality parameters: For each address, a coordinate is determined and its qualities are described.
  • Uniform correct spelling of streets and cities
  • Provides different geographic projections
  • Reverse geocoding
  • API interface for integration with internal systems
  • Transliteration: Processing of international characters, e.g. Cyrillic

Geocoder-Tutorial: Geocode Adresses Quickly, Worldwide and Online

The online geocoder JoinAddress Web lets you display your adresses quickly and easily on the map. See in our video tutorial how you geocode your data, for example from an excel list, directly in your browser. Registration, testing and geocoding 400 adresses with JoinAddress Web are free.


Tried and True Technology and Comprehensive Data Quality

  • Advantages of JoinAddress:
  • Modern clients (for Web or ArcGIS) and program libraries
  • Easy integration with your company IT
  • Highest geographical accuracy
  • Worldwide availability

Address Search with Quick Search

Quick Search is a module for searching and checking addresses. It can be integrated into any software application quickly and easily and works online on smartphones, tablets and PCs.

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“With JoinAddress we offer a range of products that provide you with everything you need for your addresses: geocoding, up-to-date databases, software and logic. I will be happy to help you with your geocoding needs.”


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A geocoder is always a combination of software and geodata. The geocoding software JoinAddress contains the search and match logic. Regional geodatabases contain the exact reference addresses for a country or region including the best available coordinates at different spatial levels. The data is provided by land survey offices or private providers such as Post, TomTom or HERE.
Definitely! We prepare the data for each country taking into account any address rules and administrative factors. For example, when geocoding US addresses the State must be taken into account. French addresses use different abbreviations than English addresses. When geocoding Russian or Bulgarian addresses Cyrillic characters must be processed.
Of course! You can use an in-house solution for your core markets, i.e. where you have many addresses, and our online services for all the other countries.
JoinAddress provides a probability value with each response. The software can be set so that if a certain probability is exceeded, the output is automatically accepted or a manual interaction is required.
For servers, JoinAddress runs on Windows and Linux. For clients, a web client is available (required: a modern web browser) or a Windows client.