Want to batch geocode worldwide addresses directly in QGIS? With our geocode plugin you can do just that. The plugin allows QGIS to accesses our modern web service JoinAddress, which is relied upon by top companies throughout Europe.

Geocoding in QGIS with our plugin!

  • Worldwide geocoding in your QGIS software
  • Convert addresses from Excel files into exact coordinates
  • Use coordinates in QGIS and other GIS systems
  • Purchase more geocoding credits when and as you need

Get to know the Geocode-Plugin for QGIS now, for free with no obligation!

Geocode plugin for QGIS

Geocoding with QGIS Plugin - How It Works!

  1. Request our QGIS plugin
  2. Purchase your geocoding credits
  3. WIGeoGIS activates your credits and transmits the access data to you
  4. Log into the geocode plugin and start geocoding!

Result of automatic geocoding in the geocode plugin for QGIS

Features: What the geocode plugin for QGIS offers you

  1. Geocoding international addresses
  2. Upload and download from Excel lists
  3. Geocoding results in just a few steps
  4. Immediate visualization and further processing in your QGIS software

Worldwide geocoding in the highest quality with the geocode plugin for QGIS

Geocoding in QGIS – Benefits of the Plugin at a Glance

  • Available now! Geocode directly in QGIS with the geocode plugin. No need to install any software. Register and geocode 400 addresses for free!
  • Best quality in the world: With the plugin, you geocode your worldwide addresses in the best possible quality.
  • Upload from Excel and process directly in QGIS - Upload your address data as an xls list and use the geocode result directly in QGIS

We would be happy to give you a live demonstration of how the Geocode-Plugin for QGIS works!

Prices for Geocoding Credits

Depending on how many addresses you want to geocode with the Geocode plugin for QGIS, choose the appropriate number of credits. There is no expiry date. Once you have purchased your credits, they can be used indefinitely.

Number of coordinates

Price in €

1,000 addresses150.00
5,000 addresses600.00
10,000 addresses990.00
25,000 addresses1,290.00
50,000 addresses1,890.00
100,000 addresses2,890.00
200,000 addresses3,390.00
500,000 addresses6,390.00

The above prices are net prices. Customers and businesses in Austria must pay 20% VAT. Companies from EU countries who provide their UID number do not have to pay any VAT. Private customers from EU countries must pay the applicable VAT for their country of origin. Businesses and private customers outside the EU do not have to pay any VAT.

Try it for free! Just install the geocode plugin for QGIS!

Want to geocode in QGIS right away?

Geocode the first 400 addresses for free!

  1. Request a free and non-binding trial and get a plugin and access
  2. Install the plugin in QGIS (from version 3.16 Hanover).
  3. Upload your address list
  4. Geocode worldwide addresses
  5. Visualize and analyze the results with QGIS

Test the QGIS Geocode Plugin for free with no obligation!

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