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Location Analyses and Reports in Just 3 Minutes

WIGeoLocation is a WebGIS software for location analysis. It allows you to assess the potential of a location and its environment based on your individual location factors. The results help you to quickly evaluate real estate offers and the quality of their location. WIGeoLocation guides the user through a complete location analysis in three easy steps. When these steps are finished, WIGeoLocation automatically generates a clear and comprehensive report that is provided as a Word, Excel or PDF file. The analysis takes a maximum of 3 minutes for each location.

WebGIS software for Location Analyses

The Benefits for Expansion

  • Fast and easy
  • Location analysis in just 3 minutes
  • The user is guided through 3 easy steps for their location report
  • Intuitive operation
  • No need for training
  • Avoid unnecessary on-site appointments
  • All the relevant information at a glance

See WIGeoLocation in action now!

Benefits of WIGeoLocation

WIGeoLocation is an easy to use web-based geographic information system for assessing locations. It is based on WIGeoWeb, the WebGIS software from WIGeoGIS.

WIGeoLocation uses HTML5 and is optimized for use on tablets and desktop systems, making it future-proof and extremely user-friendly.
WIGeoLocation is ideal for brick-and-mortar shops, fast food chains, franchises and chain stores.

WIGeoLocation helps companies with fast, high-quality and standardized assessments of their locations. In particular, WIGeoLocation makes it possible to easily assess potential locations and quickly evaluate bids from real estate companies and agents. WIGeoLocation can also be integrated into your company CRM or property management program, making location assessment even easier.

WIGeoLocation is Customizable

  • Compare and assess any number of locations
  • Analyze internal and external data (market, competition)
  • Catchment areas by driving time, distance, mode of transportation or freehand
  • Upload data via direct connection or Excel
  • Individually configure classifications, icons, heat maps and color schemes
  • Create reports as Word, Excel and PDF files

More Knowledge of the Location Environment

Quickly query purchasing power, competitors, market data and other external information without the need for any training

Knowledge of the environment determines the success of the location, because factors such as purchasing power, competitors, footfall generators, etc. can not be influenced. On the other hand, factors such as shopfitting, display windows and category management are easier to control.

Thus, a comprehensive evaluation of all the relevant information about the environment is essential. WIGeoLocation is optimized for tablets, making it easy to collect and verify data in the field.

WIGeoLocation can generate location reports in 3 easy steps and just 3 minutes. The calculation of the relevant KPIs occurs in the background and is automatically compiled for each location. You can then download the reports or have them sent to you by email.

Thus, your employees are able to evaluate the locations without any training. You can evaluate the real estate offers without having to make any unnecessary visits to the locations. This saves you travel time and still enables you to make confident decisions based on sound information.

WIGeoLocation is Based on Modern WebGIS Technology

  • HTML 5 - runs on all modern browsers
  • Optimized for tablets as well as desktop PCs
  • Integrated geocoding solutions incl. the use of GPS
  • Hosting at WIGeoGIS or local installation on your company servers
  • Reports via email or download

Ask the experts!

“It is important for retailers to quickly determine if a real estate offer is good or bad. WIGeoLocation is the perfect tool to help you do just that. I will be happy to show you all the benefits of the WebGIS software.”

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