WebGIS for business spatial analytics and location analytics

GIS = Geo Information System

In short, this is a software that processes spatial data. Although visualizing data on a map is the cornerstone of the software, it is only the basis for the extensive range of analyses and questions that can subsequently be answered with the help of Geomarketing. GIS software will help you make the right decisions for the success of your company!

For basic knowledge, basic terms and an introduction to the topic of GIS and geoinformatics, please visit our page GIS - What is that?

Why Does Geomarketing Work so Well?

80% of all company data has a spatial reference. This potential is often neglected. Use it! Viewing data spatially allows you to see connections that would otherwise remain hidden.

With geomarketing you can:

Because location is one of the success factors when it comes to branch locations and market potential.

A map tells more then 1.000 Words

The Right Software

Determining which software is best for your organization depends on a number of factors such as what exactly you want to do with it, how many people should work with it etc. We offer products for every application and help you choose the right one.

If you have standardized, repetitive questions that are to be processed by a broad group of employees without special geomarketing know-how, the best solution is a WebGIS software. The advantages:

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to learn
  • Can be used at every computer / workplace in the company via a web browser
  • Can also be used on the go with a tablet

On the other hand, if you have one or more geomarketing experts in your company, then a desktop geomarketing software may be the best solution. This software allows you to

  • answer complex questions
  • individually and highly flexibly
  • using advanced geographic techniques

We offer specifically tailored software for special topics such as location analytics and sales.

More about “Choosing the Right Software?”: Geomarketing Checklist

Overview of Geomarketing Software

WebGIS Software - Company-wide information and analysis platform for standardized, repetitive question

WIGeoWeb - WebGIS for Geomarketing

WIGeoWeb - WebGIS for Geomarketing

WIGeoWeb is your online GIS for business analysis. Interactive maps. Visualize data. Simple. Intuitive. The WebGIS for your company.

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WebGIS software for Location Analysis

WebGIS software for location analysis

WIGeoLocation is the modern WebGIS software for location analysis. Your location report in just 3 minutes.

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Geocoding Software JoinAddress

Geocoder Software JoinAddress

Find exact coordinates for your worldwide addresses from Excel files or databases. JoinAddress is smart, fast and stands out with its exceptional price-performance ratio.

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Geomarketing-Software for Desktop - Expert work place for individual, complex questions with the processing of different data

QGIS, user-friendly GIS software

Geomarketing Software WIGeo QGIS Universal

The universal geomarketing software. With all the advantages of an open-source software, expanded by our know-how and our professional support.

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Territory planning simple and intelligent with WIGeoATP

Simply Intelligent Territory Planning Software - WIGeoATP

Automatically plan, divide and visually display sales territories. At a Zip Code or municipality level. In every European country.

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ArcGIS Extensions for Spatial Analytics by WIGeoGIS

ArcGIS Extensions for Spatial Analytics

Extension for location-based analytics ★ Geocoding ★ TomTom based Routing ★ Reporting ★ Potential Analysis ★ Share your maps ★ Visualize your Data

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The Advantages of Using GIS for Data Analytics

Prof. Dr. Petra Staufer-Steinnocher from the Vienna University of Economics and Business and Nato Klems from CLAAS give a brief overview of the key advantages of data analysis with geomarketing software in a video interview.

The Perfect Implementation

Once you have decided on the right software, we will assist you with the technical implementation and train your employees. If required, we will gladly take over the operation of your software

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  • Do you use open source or commercial software for your projects?

    You as our customer have the choice: In principle we offer our solutions on the basis of standardized open source software or based on ESRI technology. We will be happy to tell you more about the advantages and disadvantages of these options.

  • What is a WebGIS?

    Short definition: WebGIS is a software that makes geographic data analysis possible. GIS stands for Geographic Information System. The Web in WebGIS means that the GIS runs in a web browser. GIS software combines company data (e.g. sales data, customer data) and market data with geodata and displays them on a digital map such as Bing or Google Maps.

  • I need a small application for a specific task. Do you have a solution?

    Yes! More than half of our WebGIS projects are small, manageable modules that are created for specific tasks. They range from on-site data collection to the integration of geocoding in a CRM, all the way to the display of CRM data in a simple thematic, online map.