Target Groups and Geography

The map shows the potential areas where the target group is strongly represented

With geomarketing, media agencies and providers of direct marketing and door drop activities and outdoor advertising campaigns can focus on the specific areas where their target groups are located. Our geomarketing tools provide relevant geographic information for specific target groups. The potential areas where the target group is strongly represented are displayed on a digital map.

The WIGeoWeb geomarketing tool enables advertising agencies to conduct cross-media campaigns with a single tool. Furthermore, the tool allows them to improve their customer communications and customer service.

Geomarketing Tools for Media Agencies

Media Planning

Geomarketing for Media Agencies

Media agencies benefit from geomarketing and the use of a geomarketing tool like WIGeoWeb, especially when planning and running advertising campaigns for specific target groups. Furthermore, with the help of web-based tools, media agencies can increase the effectiveness of a campaign and the efficiency of the agency as a whole.

A geomarketing tool supports media agencies in the following areas:

  • Localization of target groups
  • Campaigns for specific target groups
  • Cross-media planning for all regionally and locally available advertising media with a single tool
  • Optimized budgeting through spatial booking scenarios
  • Sales-related campaign assessment
  • Measurement of campaign effectiveness
  • Parallel management of different campaigns via multiple client capability
  • Semi-automated documentation and reporting for campaigns

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Direct Marketing

Geomarketing for Providers of Direct Marketing

The biggest challenge for distributers of direct household advertising is avoiding wastage. This is only possible through complex geographic and target group-specific analyses. With geomarketing tools like WIGeoWeb, direct marketing providers can often perform such complex analyses in a few simple steps. In addition, a geomarketing tool helps simplify work processes and improve customer service. Geomarketing and an appropriate tool are therefore critical elements in modern direct marketing. Geomarketing tools particularly benefit direct marketing providers in the following areas:

  • Simplifying the complex analysis of geographical and specific target group data
  • Dynamic display of distribution plans and distribution areas on maps
  • Simplification of work processes and optimization of the logistics chain

Outdoor Advertising / Out-of-Home Media

Geomarketing in Outdoor Advertising

Providers of outdoor advertising need to optimally place and present their advertising media like billboards in order to convince customers to book their services. The location, surroundings and type of media must be appropriate for the product and campaign.
A web-based geomarketing tool makes a realistic and dynamic presentation possible. Furthermore, such a tool simplifies the planning process for the customer. This simple and direct communication with the customer provides competitive advantages. Geomarketing tools like WIGeoWeb particularly benefit providers of outdoor advertising in the following areas:

  • Simple campaign planning for specific target groups
  • Optimal presentation of advertising media and improved customer service
  • Time savings through simplification of work processes

Geomarketing for successful direct marketing

Geomarketing for direct marketing at Österreichische Post

Direct marketing stands for as little wastage as possible, yet the demands of customers on distributors of direct-to-household advertisements are increasing.

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Precisely target your target group

CROSSMEDIA - Precisely target your target audience

Media campaign can be optimally planned both spatially and to a given target group.

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Gewista GIS photo preview

Gewista GIS - Planning and Visualization of Outdoor Advertising

Austria’s leading out of home provider relies on a custom WebGIS for media planning.

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prospega counts on WIGeoGIS solutions

prospega counts on WIGeoGIS solutions

prospega GmbH, an innovative direct marketing agency focusing on direct advertising optimised by target group geomarketing across Germany.

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