Up-to-Date Market Data for Austria

Market Data for Austria 2023/2024

WIGeoGIS delivers demographic data of Austria - population, age, purchasing power, as well as hundreds of other characteristics.

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Up-to-Date Market Data for Germany

Market Data for Germany 2023/2024

Demographic data of Germany - population, age, purchasing power. And whatever else you want to know. WIGeoGIS is your specialist for demographic data.

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Regional Market Penetration Analysis

Analyze Market Penetration

With geomarketing you can find potential customers, turnover and sales! Compare your company key data with current market data on a small scale.

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White Spots - Find the best locations for your business

White Spot Analysis: Detecting White Spots

White spot analysis, the key to your potential regions! Be it for branches networks, retailers or sales. You can easily identify the best places for your business!

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How Geomarketing Supports Business Development

Business Development and Geomarketing

Identify market and customer potential, open up business areas, develop sales networks: Geomarketing analysis tools are ideal for a wide variety of business development tasks.

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European data marketplace Topio.market

Online Commerce with Geodata

Geodata are bought and sold across Europe via the new online platform Topio.market. The beta version is currently available. Fast, secure and fair.

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Screenshots of the WebGIS features & icons

WIGeoWeb 5.1: Even More Practical & Quicker for Your Everyday Analyses

With the new release, you can work even more efficiently and quickly. The highlights of the WebGIS at a glance.

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Screenshots of the tool displaying various representations of customers on a map

Display Customers on a Map

With the online tool, WIGeoWeb, you can easily display your customers on a map. You can also use the customer map tool to, among other things, filter, categorize and segment your customers.

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Presentation of a customer analysis

Customer Analysis with WebGIS

With WIGeoWeb you can analyze, segment and visualize your customers on a map: online, clearly, well-founded and without a large IT project.

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Location Analysis with Artificial Intelligence

Location Analysis with Artificial Intelligence

Three years of development went into WIGeo Location Atlas, taking location analysis to a new level. With this new product, you can find the most attractive areas for your location more quickly than ever before.

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Analyze data with WIGeoWeb - sustainable results

Analyze Data with WIGeoWeb

With WebGIS, you can analyze data intuitively and get understandable results. The georeference reveals information that traditional tools can not show you.

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WebGIS as a Cloud service - efficient and cost-effective

Cloud GIS - Software as a Service by WIGeoGIS

WebGIS solutions as Software as a Service (SaaS) are convenient, topical and cloud-based. The price to performance ratio is perfect!

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Screenshot of QGIS geocoding plugin

Geocode Plugin for QGIS - Simple, Fast, Flexible

Geocoding in QGIS with our plugin! Process, check and correct worldwide addresses. Request our geocode plugin, select the number of geocoding credits you want and get started.

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About the value and benefits of spatial data

Value and Benefits of Spatial Data

Data is the new oil, but it has no value as a commodity. If the data is maintained, processed, combined and analyzed, it provides the basis for strategic decisions and risk reduction.

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Spatial analysis with Location Intelligence

Discover the Potential of Location Intelligence

With Location Intelligence, you analyze your data spatially and visualize it on a digital map. This helps you to make smart strategic and business decisions.

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WIGeoGIS offers you the best alternatives.

MapPoint Alternative

Microsoft MapPoint has been discontinued. WIGeoGIS offers you the best alternatives to Microsoft MapPoint. We provide custom cutting-edge WebGIS and mapping software.

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Map of Europe with demographic data

Data for Business Analysts and Data Scientists

For meaningful analyses, data must be up-to-date, high quality and at the spatial level that is optimal for you. We will find this data for you and deliver it in the desired format suitable for your BI and analysis software.

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Build retail networks, optimize branch networks and optimally design customer service

Location Analysis with Location-Allocation Models

On the basis of location-allocation analyses, you will achieve the best possible branch and retail network with an optimal location-customer allocation.

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Scoring Model for Location Analyses

Scoring analyses are ideal for evaluating locations quickly and clearly. They are also perfect for comparing multiple locations at once.

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Enter data on the go with WIGeoWeb on a tablet

WebGIS - Enter, edit and visualize data

Enter, process and visualize data - WIGeoWeb is ideal for it all. You always have up-to-date and accurate data. You can create point data, line data and areas automatically and manually in WebGIS.

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WIGeoLocation supports reliable location assessment

Gravity Analysis Software

Do you need a location assessment for stores but you have no expertise in GIS systems? Reliable sales forecasts are also possible without expert knowledge

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Sales area distribution on map according to postal code

Easy Planning for Sales Territories & Sales Representative Areas

A new territory plan in just 4 steps! The software analyzes this data spatially and visualizes the results on a map. According to ZIP Code or other structures. For all of Europe. Works with Excel files.

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Location analysis and assessment with the help of gravity analysis

Perform a Location Assessment Using a Gravity Analysis

Gravity analysis provides a well-founded basis for your location assessment and sales forecasts.

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Easily calculate cannibalization effects

Calculate Cannibalization Rate Using Overlay Analysis in QGIS

QGIS plugin makes the cannibalization of two or more locations visible and shows how much business they are taking away from each other.

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With the WebGIS software WIGeoWeb, complex regional reports can be created quickly and easily

Top Reporting with WebGIS Software

Create complex reports for any region in just 2 steps with the new version of our WIGeoWeb software.

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WIGeoGIS, we are experts for geomarketing and WebGIS solutions.

Geomarketing Consulting

WIGeoGIS offers geomarketing analyses, online geocoding, the individual development of WebGIS and the hosting of your GIS software.

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Regional target group analysis

Target Group Analysis and Geomarketing

Target group analysis with geomarketing reveals regional potential and its distribution.

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QGIS - professional Training and Support

Can you use QGIS?

Get the most out of the popular GIS software with advanced functions, professional support and training from WIGeoGIS.

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