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Up-to-Date Market Data for Germany

Market Data for Germany 2019 Now Up-to-Date!Germany

Our annual update is here. To ensure your market analyses deliver reliable results!

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Create Interactive Maps in WebGIS

Make an Interactive Map

With WIGeoWeb, you can display your company on the map. Interactive and worldwide. Customers, sales areas, sales - everything at a glance.

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Up-to-Date Market Data for Austria

Updated Market Data for Austria 2019 is Now Available!

Do you know where to find the most single people in Austria? You can find out this and more from our current market data.

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Analyze data with WIGeoWeb - sustainable results

Analyze Data with WIGeoWeb

With WebGIS, you can analyze data intuitively and get understandable results. The georeference reveals information that traditional tools can not show you.

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Simple Content Management System for Your WebGIS

Successfully Manage WebGIS

The WIGeoWeb CMS makes the administration of WebGIS easy. User management, the configuration of functions for individual data layers and the presentation of geodata are all easily controlled using your web browser.

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ZIP Code maps for graphics and GIS

ZIP Code Map

ZIP Code maps are used to present topics in relation to location. We provide ZIP Code maps for your geo-analyses or as pure geometries for graphic artists. Also including market data upon request.

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WebGIS as a Cloud service - efficient and cost-effective

GIS from the Cloud - Software as a Service by WIGeoGIS

WebGIS solutions as Software as a Service (SaaS) are convenient, topical and cloud-based. The price to performance ratio is perfect!

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Regional online marketing with GIS software

Online Marketing now Regional

Innovative online tools from AZ Direct and WIGeoGIS expand your local media planning across online channels. Increase the impact of local campaigns!

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Once again in 2019, the Knowledge Day was the geomarketing event for the German speaking world.

This was Knowledge Day 2019

Current knowledge, efficient networking. More than 100 participants attended the annual WIGeoGIS conference on May 15th, 2019 in Vienna.

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Batch Geocoding of the Highest Quality

News from Geocoder JoinAddress

More precise data, more functions. The powerful and user-friendly software now offers new practical improvements.

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The New QGIS 3

The New QGIS 3

The universal geomarketing software is now even more powerful: more intuitive user interface, faster processing, many new features.

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Desktop GIS for Specialists

Desktop GIS Software

With QGIS and ArcGIS, WIGeoGIS supports the leading GIS software and adds geomarketing modules.

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Geomarketing Event - Knowledge Day Munich 2018 - A Look Back

The next WIGeoGIS Knowledge Day 2019 will take place in Vienna.

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optimize branch networks with geomarketing

Optimize Branch Networks with Geomarketing

Branch networks can be ideally optimized and reduced with geomarketing. Companies find branch locations for closures, relocations and openings.

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Data on Online Affinity and Online Purchasing Power

Data on Online Affinity and Online Purchasing Power

Data on internet usage are now essential. Retailers can use this data to localize target groups and estimate their market potential in online and brick and mortar retail.

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Media Planning Uses Geomarketing: An Example

Media planers and marketeers reach their target groups with geomarketing and avoid scatter losses: a practical example.

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Geomarketing at Knowledge Day Vienna

Geomarketing and Spatial Analytics Event - Knowledge Day Vienna 2017

A look back at the austrian platform for exchanging knowledge and innovative solutions in the fields of geomarketing and map-based analytics.

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Geospatial analytics and location intelligence software in business

Video: Case studies - spatial and location analytics for business

See the highlights of WIGeoGIS geospatial and location analytics event. Learn in this 5 minute video about the advantages of using GIS in business.

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Scoring Model for Location Analyses

Scoring models make an objective comparison of the profitability of different locations possible. Location factors are normalized and reference values are determined.

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With gravity analysis, sales probabilities can be calculated per branch location

Gravity Analysis for Location Planning

Gravity analysis makes location-specific sales forecasts possible based on individual location and attractiveness factors.

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Challenge Omni-Channel: Geomarketing Supports Retailers

Geomarketing helps to meaningfully analyze customer data and understand customer behavior.

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Location Allocation Models in Location Planning

Location allocation models help retailers optimize the planning of a nationwide branch network.

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Regional target group analysis

Target Group Analysis and Geomarketing

Target group analysis with geomarketing reveals regional potential and its distribution.

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Market penetration analysis

Market penetration analysis

WIGeoGIS supports our market penetration analysis. The results show you the relation between your corporate data and market potenzials at a spatial level.

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pin maps with address geocoding

Pin Maps - Your Addresses on the Map

Yes, I want to geocode 400 addresses for free! Test the geocoding online, for free with no obligation

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WebGIS for change management

WebGIS for change management

WebGIS for change management: client base transformed with five times as many new customers

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Adress data of extremely high quality

Geocoding: The demand for precise coordinates

Geomarketing users require ever more precise data. WIGeoGIS has reacted to this current demand with ideally suitable offers.

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 Find the relevant data for your analysis

Find the relevant data for your location analysis

You can statistically check what environmental factors influence the success of a location with a geostatistical correlation analysis.

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