WIGeoGIS conducts geomarketing analyses for sales, marketing, controlling and expansion. The results are provided quickly, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of valid analyses without the cost of investing in your own geomarketing system. Take advantage of the know-how of WIGeoGIS and save your company time and money.

Geomarketing: These are our classic consulting services.

Location Analysis

Location Analysis

WIGeoGIS supports your location analysis with extensive consulting know-how and geomarketing software. This allows you to efficiently assess your branch and retail networks.

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Sales Territory Planning

Sales Territory Planning

You want to plan, evaluate and divide sales territories for your sales representatives? Here are the key reasons why geomarketing software makes sales and territory planning more efficient.

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Market Analysis Tool - WebGIS

Market Analysis Tool

How to successfully perform 6 different analyses. Anyone who does business, must know their market. WIGeoWeb helps to answer the question of "WHERE?"

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Regional target group analysis

Target Group Analysis and Geomarketing

Target group analysis with geomarketing reveals regional potential and its distribution.

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Are you interested in the advantages of geomarketing analyses?

How does data analysis work with geomarketing software?

Zoltan Daroczi, CEO of WIGeoGIS, answers this question in a short statement.

Geomarketing Analyses As a Consulting Service

How We Organize Our Consulting Projects: Custom - Interactive - Interdisciplinary

Countless customer projects confirm the success of our geomarketing analysis and consultation approach:

  1. Definition of the task: Together with you, we define tasks, analysis processes and goals.
  2. Geomarketing Analysis
  3. Interim report: After a first analysis phase, the intermediate results will be presented and adjusted in a personal meeting or web conference. This allows you to once again contribute your in-house know-how to the project and ensure the final results meet your needs 100%.
  4. Final analysis phase
  5. Presentation of the results: The analysis results are presented at your company as part of a workshop.
  6. Providing the results: The results of the geomarketing analyses are provided as digital or printed maps, spreadsheet reports, Excel spreadsheets or databases. In addition, WIGeoGIS also provides the analysis results as easy-to-use WebGIS applications. This allows you to interactively view and discuss in detail all the data and their spatial relationships with your colleagues.

We Enhance Your Data

We Enhance Your Data

  • Data enhancement: Your addresses are given a coordinate and are enhanced with information on the regional environment.
  • Aggregation + disaggregation: Inheritance of information in larger or smaller areas
  • Distance matrices: Distance calculation between address points by time and distance
  • Calculation of catchment areas and distance zones

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