WIGeoGIS performs geomarketing analyses as a consulting service. Your Benefits: We quickly provide valid analyses that are clear and understandable, allowing you to enjoy the benefits without the cost of investing in your own geomarketing system. Our know-how saves you time and money.

No matter which area of geomarketing you need, we can do it:

Thanks to our many years of experience, we know the best analysis methods and provide high-quality market data that makes your analyses meaningful and reliable. We also include your key figures in the geomarketing analyses. WIGeoGIS provides you with unbiased consulting and customised solutions for your economic geography issues.

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What are geomarketing analyses?

With geomarketing analyses you can examine your markets based on space and visualize data on a small scale. Your company data and market data are displayed on a digital, interactive map (e.g. Bing Maps) using geodata (e.g. ZIP Codes).

Geomarketing Analysis - Location Analysis

Geomarketing analyses combine your data and relevant market data with spatial data. Here you see the result of a location analysis. The blue areas show areas with a high percentage of your target groups. The market potential can be optimally exploited via the four locations and their catchment areas.

What types of geomarketing analyses are there?

We have been consulting and creating geo-analyses for companies and organizations on various issues for over 30 years

Location Analysis

Location Analysis

WIGeoGIS supports your location analysis with extensive consulting know-how and geomarketing software. This allows you to efficiently assess your branch and retail networks.

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Sales Territory Planning

Sales Territory Planning

You want to plan, evaluate and divide sales territories for your sales representatives? Here are the key reasons why geomarketing software makes sales and territory planning more efficient.

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Market Analysis Tool - WebGIS

Market Analysis Tool

How to successfully perform 6 different analyses. Anyone who does business, must know their market. WIGeoWeb helps to answer the question of "WHERE?"

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Regional target group analysis

Target Group Analysis and Geomarketing

Target group analysis with geomarketing reveals regional potential and its distribution.

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What does data enrichment mean when talking about geo-analysis?

Your data is enriched with geodata and additional information from the surrounding area. Specifically:

  • Data enhancement: Your addresses are given a coordinate and are enhanced with information on the regional environment.
  • Aggregation + disaggregation: Inheritance of information in larger or smaller areas.
  • Distance matrices: Distance calculation between address points by time and distance.
  • Calculation of catchment areas and distance zones.

This allows you to generate more knowledge from your data.

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Geomarketing analyses as a consulting service

We work closely with our customers to prepare individual projects that we then implement with our interdisciplinary team. This ensures you get the exact results you need.

Countless customer projects confirm the success of our geomarketing analysis and consultation approach:

  1. Definition of the task: Together with you, we define tasks, analysis processes and goals.
  2. Conducting your geomarketing analysis with customised data and tools
  3. Interim report: After a first analysis phase, the intermediate results will be presented and adjusted in a personal meeting or web conference. This allows you to once again contribute your in-house know-how to the project and ensure the final results meet your needs 100%.
  4. Final analysis phase: Based on the interim meeting, we refine the geomarketing analysis and go into more detail.
  5. Presentation of the results: The analysis results are presented at your company as part of a workshop. The discussion will result in potential recommendations for action.
  6. Providing the results: The results of the geomarketing analyses are provided as digital or printed maps, spreadsheet reports, Excel spreadsheets or databases. In addition, WIGeoGIS also provides analysis results in an easy-to-use WebGIS applications (WIGeoWeb). This allows you to interactively view and discuss in detail all the data and their spatial relationships with your colleagues.

For our analyses, we use geomarketing software that we have been constantly developing in-house since WIGeoGIS was founded. We research and use data that is tailored to your needs. The results of the geomarketing analysis give you a meaningful, high-quality and detailed answer to your questions.

Do I need consulting or a geomarketing tool? We will help you find the right solution for you!

Geomarketing analyses with software

Geomarketing software also allows you to display data and analyses in a spatial context yourself to help you make location-based and data-driven decisions. However, since a sensible combination of internal data, market data and geodata is crucial for meaningful analysis results, you need a certain level of expertise. In addition, the purchase of geomarketing software is associated with research efforts and investments: Which geomarketing tool best suits my needs? We are also happy to consult you on such questions.

Geomarketing Analysis - Sales Territory Planning

Here you see the planning of sales territories. It is important to divide the territories equally depending on the distribution of market and sales potential, customers and accessibility, and at the same time pay attention to where the employees live.

What do I need?

Are you thinking about purchasing geomarketing software? Are you having trouble deciding if the investment is really worth it or if you would be better off with several analyses as a service? Take a look at our checklist or ask us directly!

Checklist Geomarketing: Consultation or Software?

WIGeoGIS offers you geomarketing analytics based on your specific needs: Analyses as consulting services, geomarketing software for experts or web-based for quick answers.







Analyses as a consulting service

Expert work place

Company-wide information and analysis platform

For What?

For project-related questions

For individual, complex questions with the processing of different data

For standardized, repetitive questions


Based on many years of experience, WIGeoGIS creates analyses based on your specifications.

  • Individual geomarketing experts from your company perform analyses.
  • WIGeoGIS delivers software and data and trains your employees.
  • A broad employee base in your company performs standardized geomarketing analyses.
  • WIGeoGIS delivers individually tailored software and data.

and Benefits

  • No initial investment
  • No geomarketing specific know-how necessary
  • Fast results
  • Integration of your internal company data upon request
  • Preparation of the results according to your requirements, for example in your corporate design
  • Interactive process with intermediate presentations
  • Several expert users
  • Use on local workstations or a central computer
  • Individual queries and analyses
  • High complexity
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Company data remains exclusively in the company
  • Support by specialists
  • Large number of users managed by a user role concept
  • Standardized queries and analyses
  • Efficient and company-wide information distribution
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to learn with no need for training
  • Use on internal servers or via hosting
  • Mobile use on a tablet

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