What is an interactive map?

Interactive maps are based on digital map material, such as Bing Maps, TomTom and WIGeoStreet. Interactive maps are a core feature of WebGIS software (Online GIS). Interactive maps combine and display addresses and other geodata with company and market data.

Maps in a WebGIS are not static, but interactive. That means they change based on input from the user, for example if you select certain data for display, make a spatial selection or set a filter. In addition, the map section can be changed interactively (zoom or drill-in, drill-out).

Make Maps in WebGIS WIGeoWeb

WIGeoWeb is a state-of-the-art WebGIS (online GIS) that enables you to make maps. Once WIGeoWeb has been set up for your company, you can automatically create interactive maps using WebGIS. It is intuitive and easy to use.

Display Sensitive Data Securely and Privately on Maps

With WIGeoWeb, you can display sensitive data on the map without U.S. corporations “reading along”. For this reason, WIGeoWeb as an online GIS is also popular among industries with very sensitive data, such as banks, insurance companies and public authorities.

Tutorial - How to Automatically Create Interactive Maps with WIGeoWeb

Watch the video tutorial on how to work with interactive maps in WIGeoWeb and see what possibilities WebGIS has to offer (English subtitles).

Overview: Top Features of Interactive Maps

  • Change scale: You can change the scale by drilling in or out on the map.
  • Show and hide data: Using so-called data layers, you can show and hide different data one at a time or simultaneously.
  • Turn labels on and off for cities and regions: On the map, you can show and hide the names of cities, districts, and countries. You can even label sales areas (e.g. the name of the sales representative) which can then be shown or hidden.
  • Interaction between map and table: The map and table interact with each other. For example, if you make a spatial selection by drawing a circle on the map, the data in the table will update. It will display only the data from the area selected on the map.
  • Interaction between table and map: If you select data in the table with a checkmark, only that data will be displayed on the map. The WebGIS will hide all the other information on the map.
  • Interactive printing: Select exactly the area of the map you want to print. To select the print area, draw a window exactly around the area you want to print.

In WebGIS you have a variety of interaction options

Digital maps offer a variety of interaction options, allowing you to work intuitively and playfully with the WebGIS WIGeoGIS.

Make Maps with WIGeoWeb

Interactive Maps - Examples

A “Classic” Among the Interactive Maps for Companies

Key company data can be ideally displayed in online GIS. When companies start using a WebGIS, they usually start by creating the following thematic maps, which remain a long-time favorite even after years of use:

  • Branch Locations on the Map
  • Customer Map
  • Employee / Sales Representative Map
  • Turnover on the Map
  • Competitor Map

After the introductory phase, companies usually want to display even more detailed and comprehensive data on the map. They move from pure visualization and interaction with data on the map, to data analysis with WebGIS.

Customer Data on the Map

Display all your customers, or just a selection such as A, B, C customers, interactively on the map. You can see the distribution and scattering in an area. Each point represents the address (location / place of residence) of a customer.

WIGeoWeb customer data on the interactive map

Branch Locations on the Map

Display your global business locations on the map, together with your customer density:

  • Branches
  • Dealers
  • Sales Partners
  • Service Centers
  • Warehouses
  • Logistic Hotspots etc.

Display global business locations on the interactive map. For example, together with the customer density using a heatmap

Sales by Sales Area

Take a look at your sales figures. How is the business doing globally, in Europe, regionally? Depending on the area of responsibility, you can display sales figures and go into even more detail. This not only applies to sales by area, but also by division, product and for any KPI that you would like to analyze and see on the map.

Regions are displayed in colors according to sales on the interactive map

Competitors on the Map

Take a look at where your competitors are located. How are they distributed in the area compared to you? Display your locations, sales representatives, customers and competitor locations all at the same time on the map.

Competitor locations displayed on the interactive map

5 Reasons for Using and Making Maps with WIGeoWeb

Everyone uses map applications in their daily life and is well aware of the benefits they offer. Even companies benefit enormously from the creation of interactive maps. Here are the five main reasons:

1. Visualization of Data

Of course, data can be displayed in diagrams and graphs. At the same time, the map shows you another dimension, that of space. That is why on a map, you can see more information at a glance. 80% of company data has a spatial reference. You can take that into account when analyzing data geographically and creating interactive maps.

2. Everything at a Glance with Just a Few Clicks

With interactive maps, you can quickly and easily capture any desired perspective on your data, whether you want to get an overview of your entire area of responsibility or have a close look at the fine details.

3. Interaction with Data

The interactive map is the ideal tool for working with your data. With drill-in and drill-out, you can zoom in on the map. You can choose to display data on divisions, products, areas or market data separately or at the same time. Intersect data. Spin and flip your data however you like. The variety is almost unlimited.

4. Intuitive Operation

Digital and interactive maps are easy and fun to use. Just a click, and you see the data on the map. Every step is easy to understand and undo. Data analysis and data visualization in WebGIS maps is fun.

5. Display Sensitive Data Securely and Privately on Maps

Honestly. Have you ever looked up a customer address or location information with a free map application, despite the risk that others might be able to “read along”? With WIGeoWeb as a WebGIS, you can confidently make maps from all your data, no matter how sensitive it may be. In WIGeoWeb, your data is secure and private.

Discover all the functions and possibilities WIGeoWeb has to offer!

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