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Geomarketing for Specialists

Geographic information systems provide the technological basis for geomarketing, business mapping and spatial business intelligence.

GIS software makes it possible to collect visualize and analyze market and company data. With the help of economic geography analysis methods, the available data is put in relation and evaluated. Descriptive results in the form of thematic maps or complex reports form the foundation for fact-based business decisions.

Modern economic geography is inconceivable without GIS. This applies in particular to the business divisions of Expansion, Marketing, Sales and Controlling.

WIGeoGIS provides custom GIS software for companies to answer these spatial questions. We provide suitable modules for the most important spatial analyses that if required can be expanded and customized to the customer’s specific needs. Depending on the budget and expertise, the software solution is tailored precisely to the individual needs of the company.

Recurring analyses and processes in particular can be optimally displayed and automated with WIGeoGIS solutions. The priority here is on both standardization and customized automation. This significantly contributes to easing the work load and increasing efficiency in everyday business.

WIGeoGIS Relies on ArcGIS

ArcGIS from ESRI: The World´s Leading GIS Software

In the desktop segment, WIGeoGIS relies on the base technology of ArcGIS from ESRI. As a world leader, the US company has produced Geographical Information Systems since 1969.

About ArcGIS

Network Analysis with WIGeoNetwork and TomTom

Network Analysis with WIGeoNetwork and TomTom

WIGeoNetwork is the tool for network analysis. The extension for ArcGIS includes comprehensive routing and network functions and up-to-date road data from TomTom.

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WIGeoProfil, the ArcGIS Extension for Potential Analysis

Potential Analyses with WIGeoProfil

WIGeoProfil is an ArcGIS extension for potential analysis and aggregation and disaggregation of potentials, target groups and customers.

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WIGeoReport for Automated Reporting

Automated Reports - WIGeoReport

WIGeoReport is an ArcGIS extension for automated reporting. Reports are individually defined and automatically prepared as maps and spreadsheets in different formats.

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