Custom Training for Geomarketing and GIS

WIGeoGIS offers GIS and geomarketing training specifically for your needs for QGIS, ArcGIS and WIGeoGIS-Extensions

WIGeoGIS customers are provided custom geomarketing and GIS training. Our training focuses on two areas. The first is basic geomarketing knowledge. The second is practical software training on your existing system. The training for basic geomarketing knowledge is divided into methods and use of data for geomarketing questions.

WIGeoGIS provides training for the following GIS software systems:

  • QGIS and extensions for Geomarketing
  • ArcGIS and extensions from ESRI
  • WIGeoGIS Extensions for ArcGIS
  • Geoprocessing with Python and ModelBuilder

The WIGeoGIS training program will make sure you have the latest knowledge from the GIS sector. The aim of our training is to teach you the most efficient solutions for your needs and how to implement them quickly. The practical training is based on examples from your current tasks using your actual company data. WIGeoGIS customizes the training to meet your specific requirements. The training is only for your company and no one else. The geomarketing and GIS training are thus custom, confidential and practical.

Custom Training for Geomarketing and GIS: WIGeoGIS Teaches What Their Customers Need

Geomarketing Training: Software, Methods and the Right Interpretation

WIGeoGIS provides you an overview of which geomarketing methods are best for you and how to use them. You will learn the importance of different market and geodata and which questions they are best suited for answering. A further focus is the efficient use of the GIS software.

Geomarketing Training: Software, Methods and the Right Interpretation

The Best Methods

What method is best for which task? With the basic understanding you have gained, you will be able to choose the right method to quickly obtain the optimal analysis results.

Data and Interpretation

Expertise in market data and their interpretation guarantee successful geomarketing. The training also covers how to correctly interpret data and analysis results. The WIGeoGIS experts will show you how to correctly interpret data and results based on concrete examples.

GIS Software

Of course we will also train you how to use the GIS software. For ArcGIS users, it is important to use GIS from a geomarketing standpoint. The respective tasks of the participants are taken into account during the training.

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