What is Geomarketing?

Geomarketing gives your company answers to regional questions. Spatial data is the key. Geomarketing allows you to analyze your markets and visualize your company data on a small scale.

The basis of geomarketing is internal and external data that have a spatial reference. This data is used and analyzed on digital maps with the help of a Geographic Information System.

This is how geomarketing supports the planning, implementation and reporting of market activities. The primary areas of application for geomarketing systems are expansion, sales, marketing and reporting.

Geomarketing, because 80 % of all company data has a spatial reference.

Why Geomarketing - 4 Reasons are Obvious.

  • 80 % of all company data has a spatial reference.
  • What are the three success-relevant location factors? Location, location and location!
  • Birds of a feather flock together.
  • A map says more than 1,000 words.

Benefits of Geomarketing or Why Geomarketing Works?

1. Spatial Analysis

Numerous business decisions raise spatial questions. Geomarketing software allows you to conduct comprehensive market and data analysis. The spatial information enables you to recognize relationships.

2. Objective Decisions

The strength of geomarketing software lies in the spatial analysis of different data. The results of a geomarketing analysis help with the rationalization and objectification of decision-making processes.

3. Generate Added Value for Your Data

Enrich your company data with coordinates and information on markets and target groups. The value and potential uses of your data increases.

4. Identify Relationships More Easily

Generate new information by editing existing geodata and company data.

5. Individual Benefit

The analysis methods and models used can be individually adapted to the company. The great flexibility of geomarketing software allows your application to perform a wide variety of services.

6. Supporting Company Processes

Geomarketing can be used in the different phases of the decision-making process, for example, location management:

  • Assess potential locations
  • Analyze store locations
  • Find possible alternatives for branch locations
  • Plan regional marketing and sales activities

Advantages of geomarketing - spatial analyses make it easier to identify relationships and much more

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Geomarketing Trends: Expert Opinions

More and more diverse data as well as web technologies are the current trends in Geomarketing. So are the assessments of the Geomarketing experts A. Prof. Dr. Petra Staufer-Steinnocher of the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Michael Fux of ProfileAddress Direct Marketing and Wolf Graf of WIGeoGIS. Watch the interview (english subtitles available).

What do I use geomarketing for?

Location Analysis and Expansion

Location Analysis

With the right geomarketing software you can assess the potential of a location and its environment based on your individual location factors. The results help you to quickly assess real estate offers and the quality of their location.

Analyze and Compare Branch Locations

Geomarketing uses scoring models to allow you to compare locations objectively. The relevant location factors are standardized and a score is created for each location. This allows you to evaluate the profitability and future viability of the branch locations.

Optimize and Restructure Branch Locations

Geomarketing analyses help companies to achieve the best possible branch network with optimal customer-store allocation. The goal is to plan a nationwide network that enables customers to shop without having to travel long distances. Location-allocation models help achieve this.

Create Revenue Forecasts

Gravity analysis makes location-specific sales forecasts possible based on individual location and attractiveness factors. In this way, geomarketing helps you with your location analysis.

Analyze Markets and Customers

Analyze Market Potential

Geomarketing analysis with industry-specific market potential data allows you to identify strengths and weaknesses of branch locations and sales territories at a glance.

Identify Target Groups

Geomarketing identifies areas where you can find your relevant target groups. GIS software visualizes and evaluates the areas on a map.

Visualize Customers and Revenues

You will receive answers to the following questions:

  • How should I distribute my customers and sales?
  • What is my regional market share?
  • Where are there opportunities for additional growth?

Competition Analysis

The spatial analysis of the competition is an essential part of any market analysis. Competition analyses help to correctly assess your own sales potential and successfully manage regional sales activities.

Geomarketing - analyze locations, identify market potential

Plan and Control Sales

Sales Territory Planning

Companies use geomarketing to plan or change their sales territories in the shortest possible time. The criteria for territory planning can include market potential, sales, number of customers and size or accessibility of the territories.

Regional Sales Reporting

Geomarketing enables regional sales reporting based on KPIs. Customer, sales and territory data are combined in your geomarketing software and visualized on maps.

Media Planning

Reach Target Groups Without Scatter Losses

Geomarketing helps to spatially identify your target audience based on their characteristics. Then you can choose the media that will offer you advertising with low scatter losses at an optimal cost in the right areas.

Optimize Regional Marketing

Conduct your regional marketing only in the actual catchment area of your branch or retail locations. Geomarketing tells you exactly where it is.

Spatially Control Cross-media Campaigns

If your shop is stationary and online, then your marketing will also be cross-media. Geomarketing helps to spatially identify the market potential of the various sales channels and control it with a cross-media approach.

What Do You Need to Successfully Use Geomarketing?

3 factors are crucial to the acceptance and success of geomarketing analyses

Geomarketing needs high-quality market data. WIGeoGIS supports you.

Factor 1: Current, high quality data

Only with current, correct data, the so-called market data, will you receive useful analyses. Market data consists of hundreds of characteristics on different spatial levels and describes markets, target groups, interests and customers.

Geomarketing software for experts or web-based

Factor 2: The Right Tool

In addition to data, you need the right software to create a geomarketing analysis. The software allows you to easily create maps and visualize your data, edit spreadsheets and generate reports on your analyses.

WIGeoGIS offers customized geomarketing consultation and training.

Factor 3: Know-How

WIGeoGIS offers customized geomarketing consultation and training. You will learn geomarketing methods, the correct use of market data and the efficient operation of geomarketing software.

How different industries use WIGeoGIS for Geomarketing

Location pins in the pedestrian zone of brick and mortar retail

Location Analysis in Retail

Location analysis is still crucial in retail. We offer the know-how and the tools to ensure you make successful decisions for your business locations.

Learn more
Individual extension for location analysis software WIGeoStandort

Location Analysis for the Real Estate Industry

The most important data for a property is its location or coordinates. GIS software is better than anything else for spatial analyses, efficient data management and automated processes.

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Location analyses for flagship locations, service centers and ATMs

Location Analyses for Banks and Savings Banks

With location analyses, banks and savings banks make better and more informed decisions for branches, customers and marketing for flagship locations, service centers and ATMs.

Learn more
Reach specific target groups with geomarketing.

Advertising Industry

With geomarketing, media agencies and providers of direct marketing and outdoor advertising campaigns can focus on the specific areas where their target groups are located.

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  • How do map solutions help me in sales and marketing?

    The visualization of company data on maps offers decisive benefits. Firstly, spatial relationships become visible that would remain hidden without geomarketing. Secondly, map-based analyses help you make strategic decisions quickly and confidently. People are visually oriented and best understand image-based information. A map is much more intuitive and easier to understand than long complex tables. Complex relationships such as accessibility of high-potential customers in sales areas can be displayed very clearly on a map. Consistent map-based analysis and a corresponding potential oriented sales management based on the results help to apply company resources more efficiently.

  • How are the strengths and weaknesses of locations and areas made visible at a glance?

    Geomarketing allows you to directly compare your company’s key figures with the corresponding B2B or B2C potential. Geomarketing is perfect for regional target-performance comparisons, target planning and market or SWOT analyses. Reachability analyses, microgeographical scoring, gravity models for footfall probabilities and location-allocation models for network optimization all help you to conclusively analyze locations and regions with regard to their strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for growth. In addition, geocoding allows you to locate exact addresses for existing and potential customers and then display the numbers spatially. By comparing your own business figures with market potentials, you can identify regional market shares, white spots and potential growth regions. Up-to-date regional key figures help you to take targeted action for marketing, sales and expansion directly at the location.

  • Which sociodemographic characteristics distinguish my target group and where can I find them?

    If the sociodemographic profile of your B2C target group is not sufficiently known, a customer structure analysis with geostatistical methods can help you determine typical characteristics and their spatial distribution. Furthermore, your customer base is enhanced with microgeographical information about the residential and business environment. Recurring attributes describe the common characteristics of your target group and at the same time provide information about relevant regional market data and address data for targeted potential analyses.

  • Why do I need Geomarketing Insights?

    The use of targeted geomarketing analyses enables you to gain a better understanding of your spatial data. You can use the insights as a basis for decision-making, for example to strengthen your position in the market, to expand or to act more efficiently.

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