WIGeoWeb - WebGIS for Geomarketing

WIGeoWeb: WebGIS for Geomarketing

WIGeoWeb is your online GIS for business analysis. Interactive maps. Visualize data. Simple. Intuitive. The WebGIS for your company.

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WebGIS software for Location Analysis

WIGeoLocation: WebGIS software for location analysis

WIGeoLocation is the modern WebGIS software for location analysis. Your location report in just 3 minutes.

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Market Analysis Tool - WebGIS

Market Analysis Tool

How to successfully perform 6 different analyses. Anyone who does business, must know their market. WIGeoWeb helps to answer the question of "WHERE?"

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Comprehensive reporting in WebGIS - Regional KPIs

Reporting Tool and KPI Reports in WebGIS

WIGeoWeb is ideal as a reporting tool that can be viewed interactively on a PC or tablet, or as standard reports via email and print. Manage your KPIs and support operational action.

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Geomarketing Software: These Are the Benefits

Have you ever wondered what the benefits of geomarketing software (WebGIS) are over popular data analysis and business analysis software?Try it out and see for yourself!

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WIGeoGIS: Consulting and the Right Software for Your Geomarketing

WIGeoGIS offers over 25 years of experience in geomarketing and innovative GIS software.

Geomarketing consulting and WebGIS software from WIGeoGIS help you to assess potentials, target groups and competitor activities based on local or worldwide geodata. This allows you to plan your locations, branch networks and sales territories as well as ideal media activities. At the same time, you also have an intuitive tool for monitoring performance. Automated reporting makes your daily work easier.

WIGeoGIS offers:

WIGeoGIS offers market data, GIS Software and market analysis

As a geomarketing pioneer, technology leadership is important to us. With our technology we support our customers in process optimization and help them face the challenge of always staying one step ahead of the competition. The WIGeoGIS product developers respond quickly to the new requirements of our customers and their businesses. For example, we were one of the first companies to provide WebGIS.

WIGeoGIS is one of the few geomarketing providers to combine business know-how and expertise in geomarketing methods with high IT expertise in the field of GIS, WebGIS, mobile GIS and geocoding. We have offices in Germany and Austria.

Location analysis in 3 minutes! Test location analysis software WIGeoLocation free of charge and without obligation. No termination necessary!

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Over 25 years of know-how and experience in implementing GIS solutions has built trust and led to over 400 satisfied customers.

Integrative geomarketing solutions by WIGeoGIS

DÄNISCHES BETTENLAGER (JYSK) is using geomarketing solutions

In order to grow, customers must be won away from the competition. This is only possible through a perfect location selection.

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Geomarketing for successful direct marketing

Geomarketing for direct marketing at Österreichische Post

Direct marketing stands for as little wastage as possible, yet the demands of customers on distributors of direct-to-household advertisements are increasing.

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Intersport: Location analyses for retail

Intersport: Location analyses for retail

The world’s largest dealer network has relied on WIGeoGIS’s geomarketing software in Germany for several years already.

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Bank Austria: Geomarketing optimises sales structures

Unicredit Bank Austria: Geomarketing optimises sales structures

Using WIGeoGIS geomarketing software, UniCredit Bank Austria is optimising its sales structures based on physical branches.

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Instant Online Geocoding with JoinAddress

Why geomarketing?

Geomarketing analyses show potentials, weaknesses, target groups and competitor activities from a spatial perspective. Geomarketing is always about the question of “Where”.

You do not have to be an expert in geomarketing since user-friendly, web-based software makes working with the complex methods easy. Thus the systems can be easily operated by a broad group of users. Web-based geomarketing tools are also very affordable compared to expert systems. This makes it possible for medium-sized companies to also invest in a geomarketing tool.

More about geomarketing at a glance

Build Strengths and Avoid Weaknesses with Geomarketing

Optimize Business Processes

Geomarketing optimizes processes and accelerates decisions with clear facts.

The spatial viewpoint reveals relationships that remain hidden without geographical analysis. Geomarketing displays this information clearly and understandably on digital maps. Information can thus be interpreted quickly and intuitively.

Modern WebGIS Technology

With our intuitive WebGIS, WIGeoWeb, geomarketing analyses are no longer just a topic for GIS professionals, but employees from every department can use geographical analyses, whether on their tablets or desktop computers.

We help you to optimize your processes and face the challenge of always being one step ahead of the competition.

The Question of “WHERE”

  • Where can I find new potential?
  • Where are locations with strong prospects for success?
  • Where can I close branches without losing customers?
  • Where can I reach my sales goals and where am I falling short?
  • Where do my best customers live?
  • Where do I need to improve sales?