WIGeoWeb – Your business will improve with maps.

The WebGIS (Online GIS) WIGeoWeb lifts your business analysis up to the next level. All the tables and graphics are converted into thematic maps that show you at a glance where and how your business is going. You can analyze data intuitively, recognize relationships at a glance and immediately start implementing operative measures.

Colleagues discuss data analysis with WebGIS/ Online GIS WIGeoWeb

Advantages of online GIS WIGeoWeb

Simple visualization of data on digital maps

Intuitive spatial analyses for everyone

Collaboration with colleagues, partners and suppliers

Tailored to your company and scalable

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This Is What a WebGIS Can Do That Other Data Analysis Tools Can’t!

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WebGIS functions

WIGeoWeb is a modern WebGIS (Online GIS) for companies. With WIGeoWeb you can combine market data with your customer data and KPIs on digital maps. WebGIS offers you intelligent functions for data analysis and spatial presentation for numerous branches and business units.

Screenshots of interactive maps created in WIGeoWeb

Create interactive maps, visualize data

Make your company figures visible. Combine data from different databases in the interactive map and see where your business is taking place and how it is running there. WebGIS offers unique options for data visualization - around the clock and up to date. Create maps that you can use interactively, print or integrate in PowerPoint and Word. Make maps - more info!

Employe on Laptop, who analyzes data with WIGeoWeb

Analyze data

WIGeoWeb enables modern data analysis on interactive maps. The spatial context provides you with knowledge that would otherwise be hidden on the maps without analysis. Use the simple and clear GIS functionalities and tools. Analyze data - more info!

Collage of several employees who work together via WebGis, regardless of location

Collaboration and sharing

Provide up to date data and maps, release essential information to selected colleagues or send reports and analyses to superiors and employees.
This leads to transparent recommendations and efficient decisions. Dialogs can be managed interactively across departments. Essential measures for your business success can be implemented more rapidly.

Business review situation with WIGeWeb reporting on beamer, tablet and as printout

Facilitate operative actions, measure results

WIGeoWeb delivers concentrated knowledge about company figures and business development. Easily facilitate your regional marketing and sales activities. Maintain your overview, always be up to date at all times in your own area of responsibility. Make your successes visible - read more.

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WebGIS functions in detail

WIGeoWeb is easy to use and offers you comprehensive software functions. Overview:

General functions

  • User administration
  • Roles and permission administration
  • Data management
  • Individual map printing
  • Reports by e-mail and download
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Data interfaces

The WebGIS is easy to use and offers numerous functions for your analysis

Data (layer)

  • Dynamic visualization
  • Labeling
  • Search, query and select
  • Filters
  • Recording, editing and deleting
  • Grouping and sorting
  • Upload and Download as Excel
  • Upload, incl. geocoding


  • Zoom, pan, GPS tracking
  • Measuring and scaling
  • Spatial selection with any geometries (catchment area, post code, municipality, radius, etc.)
  • Calculate catchment areas
  • Create and edit geometries
  • Heat maps and density maps
  • Address search
  • Worldwide basic maps and aerial images


  • Direct connection to the map elements
  • Display of multiple tables
  • Zoom to data sets
  • Edit attributes
  • Edit multiple data sets at the same time
  • Sum of columns
  • Sorting of columns
  • Export tables

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Maximum flexibility for data management

WIGeoWeb is not a closed system, it adapts to the needs of your company. Data from various sources can be integrated, connected via interface, uploaded from Excel or recorded on the go.

Data in, information out, fast and simple - this is our motto!

Integrating and capturing data with WebGIS WIGeoWeb

Different data sources

You can integrate the following data In WIGeoWebOwn company data

  • External market data
  • Data from GIS systems (ArcGIS, QGIS)
  • Geodata or various background maps (Bing Maps, Here Maps, OpenStreetMap, TomTom)
  • On-site data recorded via tabletData from web services (weather, traffic, etc.)

Direct connection or upload

Data is uploaded to WIGeoWeb directly via interface or with a loading function. Data exchange with standard company databases is also possible. Data can be automatically uploaded/downloaded at the press of a button in the desktop GIS.
Standardized data loading and querying modules in the WebGIS guarantee maximum flexibility for all users.

Data acquisition via tablet

WIGeoWeb works equally well on desktop and tablet – field staff can therefore acquire relevant data and additional information directly on site. This data is then immediately available in the WebGIS.  Application examples:

  • Location determination via GPS, e.g. of competitor locations
  • Notes on the location surroundings
  • Notes on customers and meetings following customer visits
  • Photos or videos of the location and surroundings

Data acquisition via tablet in the WebGIS software WIGeoWeb

You have maximum data acquisition flexibility with a configurable input mask. Data can be immediately stored, updated and made accessible.

Downloading data and maps

You can download your data at any time from WIGeoWeb to Excel and then process it in another system. The maps generated in WebGIS can be exported as PDF files. This allows you to use the information obtained by using the online GIS in manifold ways.

Learn more about data management with WIGeoWeb.

WebGIS (online GIS) - Users, roles and rights

Three typical standard users have been established in WebGIS systems. They are then assigned individual roles and rights. In general, these users and roles are freely selectable and configurable.
Users are freely configurable in WIGeoWeb. Rights can be individually assigned/removed for each role. When setting up WebGIS, you determine the user roles and their rights. During ongoing operation, the WebGIS administrator can add new users, create new roles and edit rights for existing users.
If you do not wish to specify anyone in your company as a WebGIS administrator, we will take over all administrative tasks and any changes to users and rights in WIGeoWeb for you.


As a viewer, you need information for your daily work. Prepared and ready to use. Access must be simple and fast.
You can receive reports via download or e-mail with WIGeoWeb. Keep an eye on customers and figures with the interactive maps. Implement the right measures as based on the data.

Portrait of an executive. Mostly executives use the role WebGIS-Viewer.


Carry out standard analyses based on up to date data for your area of responsibility and examine your market in great detail. You know your market penetration, competition and potentials. You can then rapidly develop targeted measures based on this information.


You rule over the WebGIS! You administrate and configure users, layout, styles and data integration. You transfer geo-analyses from the desktop GIS to standard analyses in WebGIS. You define new analyses and reports for your colleagues and share interactive special analyses with the analysts and viewers.

Explore benefit from using a WebGIS like WIGeoWeb

Which companies would benefit from using a WebGIS like WIGeoWeb?

WIGeoWeb is a WebGIS for medium and large companies who want to understand their data and gain even more benefit from that data. The aim is to intelligently analyze relationships, recognize patterns and correlations, and increase potentials. Meaningful reports and interactive analyses help in daily working operations.

  • The use of this software is worth it when employees want to access geo-analyses on a regular basis to drive and secure business success.
  • The use of this software is valuable if you want to support your customer with spatial analyses for their business strategies

What do companies frequently use WIGeoWeb for?

Who uses WIGeoWeb most in your company?

  • Managing director, head of sales, Management
  • Consultants
  • GIS and geo-specialists
  • Employees in strategy departments
  • Employees in sales, service and field services
  • Employees in sales management and sales controlling
  • Employees in marketing

Is it worth considering the use of WebGIS software? Yes, if your answer to one or more of the following questions is “Yes”.

  • Do you often need to repeatedly answer spatial questions?
  • Do employees in your company need to carry out standardized analyses?
  • Do employees need to record and maintain data on site?
  • Do you want to centrally distribute information about your markets, customers and KPIs?
  • Do you want to utilize your map solution quasi without training?
  • Do you want to share data and spatial analyses with partners or customers?
  • Do you want to link your company data with current market data?
  • Do you want to monitor your operative measures on maps?

Yes, yes, yes! Get your test access right now!

Experiences with WIGeoWeb - this is what customers and users say

“We are very satisfied with the system and support provided by WIGeoGIS. There are not many providers who can deliver geomarketing and GIS services exactly how we need them.”

Dr. Martina Janßen, VDMA Fachverband Landtechnik

“We work with WIGeoGIS because their geomarketing software is flexible and is quickly and easily extensible. WIGeoGIS has been a reliable partner to our company for many years and they are a leader in innovations in the geomarketing field, consistently sharing technological trends in the GIS area with us.”

Dr. Wolfgang Trumler, Head of Business Monitoring, Segments and Multichannel, UniCredit Bank Austria

“We have long been a customer of WIGeoGIS and we use WIGeoWeb in addition to other products. CLAAS is an international company, we have different challenges in each country, and we naturally try to meet these challenges using geosolutions and with the answers provided by these geosolutions. This system meets our requirements and answers all questions that we have.”

Nato Klems, Manager Network Processes CLAAS

WebGIS Case Studies and Examples - WIGeoWeb in use

Our WebGIS is used by companies in numerous sectors. Discover the many ways companies use WIGeoWeb for business analysis and success.

Real(e)value extends the real estate appraisal system with a WebGIS solution from WIGeoGIS

WIGeoWeb in Real Estate Appraisal

For example, Real(e)value enhances its proven, high-performance real estate appraisal tool by spatially representing the data using WebGIS.

Learn more
VDMA Agricultural Machinery uses WebGIS Software powered by WIGeoGIS

VDMA - WebGIS supports tractor manufacturers

VDMA Agricultural Machinery uses WebGIS to support tractor manufacturers with geomarketing analyses for the optimization of sales and service structures.

Learn more
Geomarketing for successful direct marketing

Geomarketing for direct marketing at Österreichische Post

Direct marketing stands for as little wastage as possible, yet the demands of customers on distributors of direct-to-household advertisements are increasing.

Learn more

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Simple Content Management System for Your WebGIS

Successfully Manage WebGIS

The WIGeoWeb CMS makes the administration of WebGIS easy. User management, the configuration of functions for individual data layers and the presentation of geodata are all easily controlled using your web browser.

Learn more
WebGIS as a Cloud service - efficient and cost-effective

GIS from the Cloud - Software as a Service by WIGeoGIS

WebGIS solutions as Software as a Service (SaaS) are convenient, topical and cloud-based. The price to performance ratio is perfect!

Learn more
Easy data upload for analysis via WebGIS

Data upload for ad hoc analysis via WebGIS

Immediate integration of data needed for ad hoc analyses using WebGIS has been a tedious exercise to date. This is now facilitated with WIGeoWeb.

Learn more

WebGIS/Online GIS - Interview on web technologies in geomarketing

The significance of web technologies - i.e. WebGIS or online GIS - in geomarketing is steadily increasing. A. Prof. Dr. Petra Staufer-Steinnocher from the Vienna University of Economics and Business, and Georg Magenschab, CTO at WIGeoGIS, explain why.

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  • Do WIGeoGIS applications follow the standards and recommendations of the Open Geospatial Consortium?

    Yes, definitely. WebGIS applications are based on the recommendations of the Open Geospatial Consortium to ensure compatibility and interoperability between our software products. WIGeoWeb is HTML5-based and therefore compatible with all modern browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.) and operating systems (Windows, iOS, Linux, Android).

  • WebGIS vs Desktop GIS - What are the advantages of WebGIS?

    WebGIS runs in your web browser. The tool can thus be made available for a large number of users easily and affordably. It supports collaborative work. WebGIS is intuitive to use and does not require any knowledge of geomarketing or GIS. Normally geomarketing analyses are very complex and are performed by GIS experts. WebGIS, however, can be operated by any employee since it uses standard analyses.

  • Is WIGeoWeb suitable for up-to-date analyses in any spatial unit?

    Yes. Your data is clearly displayed on maps in the spatial unit you select (political subdivisions, service or sales areas, zip code boundaries, POS catchment areas, core markets, etc.). If your CRM software or data warehouse provides current KPIs, then these can be immediately analyzed with WIGeoWeb and visualized on thematic maps.

  • Does WIGeoWeb allow several departments to use geographic functions simultaneously?

    Company data is subject to an internal value chain process: Customers are categorized and assigned to sales areas, locations are assessed and typified etc. Usually different departments are involved in these processes. Thanks to the multi-client capability of the application and the underlying data model, such processes can be realized with WIGeoWeb. Results or partial results can be produced in one department and passed on to another department for further processing.

  • Yes. Our WebGIS works on the iPad and other popular tablets. WIGeoWeb runs on operating systems like Windows, Android or iOS. WIGeoWeb has a responsive design and supports gesture control.

  • WIGeoWeb has roles and rights concepts so that every user has direct access to the content and functions that are relevant for them and it can be connected to your ELDAP. Sensitive areas and data are thus only accessible by specific users. With the role concept, specific tasks and functions or regional responsibilities can be assigned to individual employees.

  • WIGeoWeb does not require any plugins or additional software. A web browser is all you need. Thus there is no need to install client software on multiple workstations. The modern web technology makes it intuitive to use.