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Geomarketing Made Easy with WIGeoWeb

WIGeoWeb is the WebGIS software for regional market analysis, sales territory management and location planning.

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WIGeoWeb, modern WebGIS software

Modern WebGIS Software for Your Business

WIGeoWeb is a modern WebGIS software for your browser. It combines market data with your customer data and KPIs on digital maps.

WIGeoWeb offers intelligent functions for data analysis and spatial representation for numerous industries and business sectors.

Your custom WebGIS: WIGeoWeb is state-of-the-art and customizable.

WIGeoWeb - Advantages and Benefits

  • Intelligent data analysis and visualization on digital maps
  • GIS software in your browser, suitable for PC, laptop and tablet
  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Customizable and scaleable
  • Company-wide use

Geomarketing Has Never Been So Easy!

Intuitive use, up-to-date market data and scalable functionality

The WebGIS software include the basic tools for your geomarketing needs: maps, spreadsheets, up-to-date market data, detailed geodata, analysis and planning functions as well as user management.

WIGeoWeb is intuitive and easy to use and quickly enables any user to perform meaningful analyses and make well-informed decisions based on spatial data.

WIGeoWeb can be implemented in a short notice  and can be expanded and adapted to your specific needs. New data, new calculations and content can be integrated quickly
and easily. The WebGIS software can be used simultaneously for different business sectors and analyses. The range of functionality is scalable at any time and the number of users can easily be expanded.

WIGeoWeb, the modern WebGIS application

Comprehensive Functions, Up-to-Date Data

The WebGIS software WIGeoWeb allows market and sales analysis on digital maps. The software can be easily integrated with your company’s data warehouse, ERP or CRM system to provide analyses based specifically on your data, e.g your own (industry specific) boundaries or catchments and your own sales operations and performance data, your own branches, competitors, customers and other locations. The software also uses relevant market data and geodata for your analysis.

WIGeoWeb is easy to use and offers extensive functionalities:

Data analysis on a map with WebGIS

General Features

  • User management
  • Upload data
  • Download as an Excel file
  • Print maps
  • Reports via email and download
  • Multilingual interface

Maps and Tables

  • Comprehensive map navigation
  • Integration of multiple and custom base maps
  • Spatial selection
  • Easy address search
  • Display of several tables
  • Additional spreadsheet functions

Geospatial Functions

  • Creation of catchment areas
  • Classification, labeling and filtering of data
  • Legends
  • Heat maps and density maps
  • Create and edit geometries
  • Capture, edit and delete data

Interactive administration of geodata with CMS for WIGeoWeb

Unique on the Market: Interactive Administration with CMS for WIGeoWeb

User management, functions of individual data layers and the display of geodata are conveniently controlled using the CMS for WIGeoWeb.

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Customized Adaptations

  • Reporting: Whether PDF, Excel or Word, the reporting module generates comprehensive, custom and standardized reports with maps and tables that are then saved locally and automatically sent.
  • Module Select: Recurring questions and geographical analyses can easily be prepared with the WebGIS software. Complex analyses can be prepared quickly and easily by simply answering clear step-by-step questions.
  • Integration with your company IT: The software can be easily integrated with a variety of popular databases (Oracle, MS SQL, etc.). WIGeoWeb can communicate with popular CRM and ERP systems.

Do you have questions about WIGeoWeb?

“With WIGeoWeb, we offer an innovative WebGIS software for a large variety of applications. Our motto: Make spatial analysis easy. Simply contact me for more information.”

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Install WIGeoWeb on your company IT system or have us operate the WebGIS software for you.

“We work together with WIGeoGIS because their geomarketing software is fast and flexible and can easily be expanded. Furthermore, WIGeoGIS is a long-standing and reliable partner, is the innovation leader in the field of geomarketing and continuously offers us access to technological trends in the GIS sector.”

Dr. Wolfgang Trumler, Head of Business Monitoring, Segments and Multichannel, UniCredit Bank Austria


Yes, definitely. WebGIS applications are based on the recommendations of the Open Geospatial Consortium to ensure compatibility and interoperability between our software products. WIGeoWeb is HTML5-based and therefore compatible with all modern browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.) and operating systems (Windows, iOS, Linux, Android).
WebGIS runs in your web browser. The tool can thus be made available for a large number of users easily and affordably. It supports collaborative work. WebGIS is intuitive to use and does not require any knowledge of geomarketing or GIS. Normally geomarketing analyses are very complex and are performed by GIS experts. WebGIS, however, can be operated by any employee since it uses standard analyses.
Yes. Your data is clearly displayed on maps in the spatial unit you select (political subdivisions, service or sales areas, zip code boundaries, POS catchment areas, core markets, etc.). If your CRM software or data warehouse provides current KPIs, then these can be immediately analyzed with WIGeoWeb and visualized on thematic maps.
Yes. Our WebGIS works on the iPad and all other popular tablets. WIGeoWeb runs on all operating systems (Windows, Android, iOS). As a WebApp (HTML5), WIGeoWeb has a responsive design and supports gesture control. Thus it is the perfect GIS for tablets.
Company data is subject to an internal value chain process: Customers are categorized and assigned to sales areas, locations are assessed and typified etc. Usually different departments are involved in these processes. Thanks to the multi-client capability of the application and the underlying data model, such processes can be realized with WIGeoWeb. Results or partial results can be produced in one department and passed on to another department for further processing.
WIGeoWeb has roles and rights concepts so that every user has direct access to the content and functions that are relevant for them and it can be connected to your ELDAP. Sensitive areas and data are thus only accessible by specific users. With the role concept, specific tasks and functions or regional responsibilities can be assigned to individual employees.
WIGeoWeb does not require any plugins or additional software. A web browser is all you need. Thus there is no need to install client software on multiple workstations. The modern web technology makes it intuitive to use.