Integrated Content Management System (CMS) in WiGeoWeb is unique on the market

Integrated Content Management System (CMS)

Unique on the market!  Allows you to easily and clearly manage your WebGIS:

  • Import data
  • Define the structure, presentation and naming of data
  • Create and manage users, rights and roles - who can see and use what?
  • All in your web browser

Video Tutorial: Managing Rights and Roles with WIGeoWeb CMS Is As Easy As Can Be

WIGeoWeb CMS is a unique WebGIS content management system that makes managing your users easy. Watch this 3-minute video to learn how to manage your users and their rights and roles in WIGeoWeb (English subtitles also available).

WIGeoWeb, the innovative WebGIS software that brings geomarketing to your browser.

Just 4 Steps To Get Up-To-Date Market Analyses

Import data easily and successfully into WebGIS

Step 1 - Import Data

WIGeoWeb communicates with all your systems via the necessary interfaces. You import your data into the CMS. For example:

  • Excel upload of address or reference data to simplify the addition of new layers
  • Directly from your integrated GIS software (ArcGIS, QGIS)
  • Upload Shape and GeoJSON (just drag and drop)
  • Directly from the integrated geocoder JoinAddress Web
  • Connection to the companys own database systems

Optimally display and organize data in WebGIS

Step 2 - Organize Data

Optimize the content and layout of the data for your users within the CMS. You can define

  • the layout of the geodata (color, size, shape and order)
  • the structure and content of the data tables
  • the functions for data filtering, classification of values, labeling of your data and
  • the desired languages

according to your needs.

Manage roles and rights in WebGIS

Step 3 - Manage Users: User, Roles, Rights

As a WebGIS administrator, you can set roles for your users and assign rights for which data and layers they can access.
For example, employees in controlling have access to different data than the employees in sales. Regional restrictions are also possible.

Perform geomarketing analyses with WebGIS

Step 4 - Perform Geomarketing Analyses

Now all authorized WebGIS users can

This Can Only Be Done With WIGeoWeb and Its Integrated Content Management System

"While it used to take at least hours, if not days, for the geomarketing expert in the company to provide the departments with the analyses they wanted, the browser-based WebGIS allows employees to create and share reports based on the latest data with the push of a button. They are supported through every step by the CMS and WIGeoGIS with their experience and many years of know-how!” 

Wolf Graf, Managing Director WIGeoGIS

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