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Highlights of the Web Geocoder

  • Geocode worldwide and get the best coordinates
  • Geocoding in your web browser anytime you need
  • Super easy - upload and download data as an Excel file
  • 400 addresses for free / usage starting at € 150.00

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Up-to-date, exact coordinates

WIGeoGIS has been developing geocoding software for SMBs, IT service providers and global corporations for 20 years.

With JoinAddress Web, coordinates are now even more up-to-date, accurate and easier to obtain.

Exact Coordinates, Simple Geocoding

Online Geocoding with JoinAddress Web

JoinAddress Web geocodes addresses automatically in high quality using your web browser. The geocoder offers all the features of a uniform global geocoding.

You buy the address contingent you need and geocode as required. JoinAddress Web is available starting at 150 euros.


  • Geocoding as required, no commitment, prices scaled based on quantity - starting at 150 euros.
  • 24/7 availability
  • Only upload anonymous addresses with IDs
  • Automatically the best possible XY coordinates
  • Synchronous processing of multiple lists


  • Visualization on maps and aerial photographs
  • Detailed information on the quality of your addresses
  • E-mail information after the geocoding is completed
  • Free choice of geographical projection

In Europe

  • Up-to-date exact coordinates
  • Uniform correct spelling of streets and cities
  • Functions for correcting erroneous addresses

Geocode 400 addresses for free now!

Address-Check Included

The accuracy of the coordinates is crucial. JoinAddress Web uses several methods to determine the best possible geo-coordinates for an address.

If an address is incorrect or incomplete, JoinAddress Web provides the possibility for address validation and address correction. You receive correct addresses and exact geo-coordinates.

Coordinates in the Company

Geocoding is the Basis for Numerous Company Applications

The locating of addresses is an important prerequisite for geomarketing analyses  and Location Intelligence Applications. Your addresses are enhanced with a spatial context and your business decisions are given a new perspective.

Addresses from customer databases, branch networks, service centers or competitive sites can be visualized and used in many ways. In combination with other key figures or market data from your company, geocoded address data serves as the basis for numerous sales, expansion, service and marketing measures.

Online geocoding

Ask the expert.

“Geocoding with your browser is simple, inexpensive and possible without a long project time. I will be happy to help you with your geocoding needs.”


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Geocoding means assigning an address a spatial reference through XY coordinates. It is also possible to link a GPS coordinate with the corresponding address. This is called reverse geocoding. Geocoding is what makes spatial analysis with addresses possible.
Simply register on the start page of the application, purchase a quota, upload your data and start geocoding. The first 400 addresses are free.
Your addresses are temporarily stored on the WIGeoGIS geocoding server. The data is then processed on the server. After the geocoding process is finished, you download your geocoding results (your starting addresses supplemented with geographic coordinates). You can then delete your address list from our server.
You can upload your addresses as an Excel list or as a text file. You can also download your geocoding results in one of the two data formats.
The ISO-3 code is an international standard defined by the International Organization for Standardization ( This organization defined country codes for each country providing them a unique, internationally recognized abbreviation. We work with this international standard for our geocoding. If you provide an address with an ISO-3 code, the geocoder can immediately assign it to the respective country. You can download a list of the ISO-3 codes here.
Generally, the geocoding accuracy depends on the coverage of the respective country. In places where the data depth is still low, detailed geocoding is not possible. WIGeoGIS works together with all the popular commercial data and service providers (TomTom, HERE, Bing) and provides the greatest possible accuracy for each country. The data is constantly updated, thus improving the accuracy.