You have certainly looked for addresses in maps or in other software applications before. And you certainly find it practical if the address is completed automatically and suitable address suggestions are made regardless of whether you enter the street name or the city name first.

Behind these results is an address search API, which compares the entered address with a huge address database, determines the appropriate address suggestions and ensures the correct spelling of the address. A geocoding runs in the background so that the addresses can be enriched with coordinates and displayed exactly on the map.

And that is exactly what our address search API QuickSearch does - fast, easy and super reliable!

Are you looking for an API for an address search? We have something for you!

QuickSearch Can Do Everything You Expect From an Address Search API

QuickSearch is an API for searching addresses in maps, GIS, WebGIS and other software applications. With the autocomplete and typeahead functions, it ensures fast and convenient address searches. The API can be easily integrated into any database or software. Many companies and organizations trust QuickSearch and use the address search API on a daily basis.

QuickSearch can:

  • Address search
  • Autocomplete and typeahead
  • Up-to-date reference addresses for Europe and North America and other countries
  • Output of coordinates for the address via geocoding
  • Correct, uniform spelling of addresses

Advantages of QuickSearch for Companies

  • Installation in your application or use as a web service
  • If desired, local data management and storage of the results in your database
  • Data processing on secure servers in Austria
  • Always up-to-date address data thanks to annual database updates

Programming Address Search API

Companies Trust Our Address Search API

Our address search API QuickSearch has been used by numerous companies in various industries for many years. They often integrate the API into our other products, such as our WebGIS, our location analysis tools and our geocoder. QuickSearch is also integrated into databases and various software applications in order to be able to conveniently search and check addresses.

QuickSearch is used at:

  • Banks and insurance companies
  • Retailers and franchises
  • Real estate portals and brokers
  • Police and authorities
  • Media and advertising agencies
  • Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies

Companies search for these addresses and information with QuickSearch:

  • Customer addresses
  • Real estate addresses
  • Branch locations
  • Competitor locations
  • Service locations
  • Products and location characteristics: The addresses of the branches and locations assigned to the products or characteristics being searched for.
  • Events recorded by the police
  • Addresses in risk areas
Screenshot QuickSearch Address Search API

Small API, Big Impact: QuickSearch in Detail

QuickSearch is a high-performance and scalable address search module based on up-to-date web and database technology. It was particularly important during the development to ensure that different data sources could be integrated and that it could be adapted for the specific requirements of the customer. The API should leave nothing to be desired when searching for addresses.

Address Data and Coordinates

QuickSearch not only provides correct addresses, but also coordinates. This is very convenient.

Comprehensive, Up-to-date Address Data for Europe

Address data are available for all European countries and North America. WIGeoGIS optimizes the structure and content for the address search and in a further step integrates the data in the search database. QuickSearch is thus generally able to provide exact WGS 84 coordinates for street addresses. The address data is updated every year and is therefore always up to date.

Goodbye Chaos! Efficient Data Acquisition and Always Correct Addresses

When entering addresses, for example when new customer addresses are created in a CRM, errors often occur. The addresses are incomplete, typing errors creep in and the addresses are saved in a different order. All of this leads to an unsightly mess of address data, which causes more trouble and frustration. If QuickSearch is integrated, this can never happen again. Because when users type in their search, they are provided with accurate mailing addresses that can simply be selected. Afterwards, the accurate mailing addresses are saved in your databases and are assigned the correct XY coordinates. By making the address acquisition the same for the different channels of your business (online, telephone, intranet, etc.), you can reduce errors and costs.

Custom Extensions

Do you have further requirements or wishes for your address-related search? We also program custom extensions to meet your specific needs. An example of such a custom extension is the search for the names of customers or service providers. You enter the name and get their address.

Address Search API? Request Test Data

Do you want a uniform address search for your business based on a complete address database? As an IT service provider, are you looking for a modern address search? Then QuickSearch is the right solution.

We rely on QuickSearch ourselves in all of our geocoding & GIS solutions. The address search API is integrated in the Geocoder JoinAddress, the WebGIS WIGeoWeb, the location analysis tool WIGeoLocation and our QGIS solutions.

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