WebGIS-Software: Custom and Effective

Often, one or two features are missing that would be needed to optimize the one or the other work process. A simple map solution would help to make sound strategic decisions, better understand customer behavior and efficiently manage campaigns. We will help you to eliminate exactly these bottlenecks with custom WebGIS software.

WIGeoGIS offers 2 varieties of WebGIS programming:

WIGeoGIS will support you every step of the way, from the design, to the programming, through the implementation and right up to the training for the WebGIS software.

Benefits of WebGIS Software

  • Easy to use, no need for training
  • Responsive design: the application automatically adapts to the screen size of your device
  • Full compatibility with gesture-controlled devices
  • Individual roles and rights concept

WIGeoGIS software is used for a variety of cross-industry applications.

WIGeoAPI - The API for Your WebGIS

WIGeoGIS relies on GIS technology standards, because sustainable software development is important to us.

With the help of WIGeoAPI, there is no need to reprogram the software if you want to change the service provider, you can do it quickly and easily in the configuration. This ensures flexibility if there are changes in the legal or business situation of a provider or if new data offerings become available on the market.

API Functions as GIS Standards

WIGeoGIS relies on GIS standards and implements functions such as:

  • Map display
  • Route and isochrone calculation
  • Distance matrices
  • Geocoding and reverse geocoding

uniform and in accordance with the standards.

The Communication

The communication between the server and client occurs via a well-documented REST API. WIGeoAPI manages the license key of the service provider, ensures the appropriate attribution through respective license terms and provides all the data in a uniform projection. The API does so very efficiently.

Through the configuration, we can easily change between data and service providers such as:


Interested in WIGeoAPI?

WebGIS Server from WIGeoGIS: Open, effective, fast

WIGeoGIS operates WebGIS Servers that are custom designed to meet your exact needs. We believe strongly in an open and standardized approach. This ensures our customers the greatest freedom of choice regarding compatibility and the use of other geodata and providers.  WebGIS Servers from WIGeoGIS use efficient and intelligent methods to calculate a large amount of geodata as quickly as possible and immediately send it to clients. Maps can be delivered as grid or vector coordinates/geometries (e.g. points, lines, polygons) in all known and popular formats. This makes it possible to display clusterings, heatmaps and much more. The visual presentation can be made on any end device (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone).   

WebGIS Modules for Your Specific Needs

WIGeoGIS offers different modules that can be added to the WebGIS Server depending on your needs and goals.

These include:

  • Distance calculation
  • Distance matrices
  • Driving catchment area calculation
  • Routing: land, water air as well as pedestrians, bicycles, cars, trucks
  • Travelling Salesman Optimization
  • Geocoding of postal addresses
  • Geocoding of IP addresses
  • Reverse geocoding 

WebGIS Hosting: Your Solution in Good Hands

Our data center has hosted numerous WebGIS applications and GIS functions for customers for many years now.

A modern infrastructure, external security audits and regular investments in the training of our employees are important elements for ensuring our reliable, secure and high quality service in accordance with the European data protection standards.

Reliability and Availability

Our data center is state-of-the-art. Monitoring of the services and applications, access logging and documentation are all a matter of course.

A manager on duty service is available around the clock to provide our customers second level support.


Server-to-server connections, M2M communications and secure VPN connections allow you to access and control your data in the hosted environment around the clock. Since geomarketing solutions place high demands on resources, our systems are scaled. Thus, bottlenecks can be avoided before they occur.

Security and Privacy

Our WebGIS solutions do not process any personal data. WebGIS is always installed directly at the customer’s premises when they require a solution to handle sensitive data. Nevertheless, we process data in accordance with the applicable European data protection standards. Regular, multilevel backups are automatically made of all the applications and data.

Hosting - NextDoor Store Finder

NextDoor is a WebGIS from WIGeoGIS. As a custom map service on your website, NextDoor brings customers directly to you. WIGeoGIS hosts the store finder software for your business. Put your business in our hands.

Ask the Boss.

“We support you with custom WebGIS software and the integration of geo functions into your software solutions. This is often easier than you would think. Just ask us.”


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A WebGIS is supporting the broadband subsidy application process

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  • I have already developed web mapping applications using a map API. What is different about WIGeoAPI?

    We have integrated numerous providers into WIGeoAPI, thus giving you the freedom to choose which geodata and services you want to use. With every other map API, you are bound to the data and the conditions of use of a single provider. Their development is not compatible with other geodata/providers.

  • Are GeoWebServices and the WebGIS API from WIGeoGIS compatible with Leaflet and OpenLayers?

    Of course! Every library that supports OGC standards or software like QGIS or ArcGIS can be used with our services.

  • Is it possible to combine any data provider in a single WebGIS application?

    That depends on the licensing terms of the provider. Some providers do not allow their data and calculation results to be displayed together with other data in one and the same application. We will be happy to assist you in determining which combinations are possible.

  • Do I need an additional provider license to use WIGeoAPI?

    Yes, but we will take care of everything for you. WIGeoGIS is an authorized distributor of all the major data providers and will procure valid licenses for you to use WIGeoAPI. We will also advise you as to which licensing model is best for you.