“Even as a child, I loved looking at city maps, public transport maps and atlases. During my studies, I discovered how exciting it is to combine an interest in maps with computer technology. At WIGeoGIS, I work with a toolbox of data, software and tools, but the questions and requirements of the customers are always different. In addition, there are constantly new developments in the data and technology fields, so there is always something new to learn. That is why I still find working at WIGeoGIS exciting even after 20 years.”
Josef Mayer, Head of Solutions, WIGeoGIS Munich
Josef Mayer

Josef Mayer is Head of Solutions at WIGeoGIS Munich. His responsibilities include geodata management, integration and processing, project management, automation and process optimization, complex geoanalyses and technical product responsibility for digital maps and routing networks.

He studied geography at the Geographical Institute of the Technical University of Munich and at the Social Geography Seminar of the LMU, with minors in spatial planning, geoinformatics and cartography. His thesis was about “The West Bypass of Höhenkirchen – Opportunities and Risks for Local Retailers”.

Josef Mayer has been working in the Solutions Department at WIGeoGIS Munich since 2003, where he is responsible for technical customer support at the interface between sales and IT.

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