Work more flexibly with even more clarity: that is the motto of the 5.2 release of WIGeoWeb. With the new features of our WebGIS software, you can analyze your data even more individually and interpret the analysis results even faster.

With WIGeoWeb, the WebGIS for geomarketing, you analyze data and visualize it on interactive maps, making the results incredibly intuitive and easy to understand. You can also create market reports at the touch of a button.

Chart Tool: Putting key figures into perspective - here you see the age groups of different cities

Compare age structures – Here you see Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Mainz and Darmstadt in comparison.

Chart Tool: The Ideal Benchmark Visualization for KPIs and Market Data

You can see everything on a map, except a comparison of several features at once. That is why we have added the new chart tool that allows you to display different data using bars, lines, pie charts, etc. Give your diagrams context and visualize relationships. The new feature allows you to not only make comparisons, but also to see developments over time

EXAMPLES of use cases for the Chart Tool:

  • Comparing age groups in specific regions
  • Viewing growth over time, such as population, new customers, sales development, etc.
  • Comparing sales territories and their performance
  • Setting sales targets in relation to market volume

Group data tables and quickly gain an overview of sales territories and the sales region on the map

Grouping makes corporate structures visible. Here you can see the sales region for northern Germany and the associated sales areas.

Group Data Tables: For a Quicker Overview

With the new grouping feature, you can optimally visualize hierarchical, geographical and organizational structures. You will quickly gain a clear understanding of the data and better recognize relationships. This makes this feature particularly helpful for sales territory and retail network planning

EXAMPLES: This feature allows you to...

  • Group sales areas & structures by region
  • Group by location type or customer type
  • Group geographically
  • Understand how data sets are related to clusters

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WIGeo Location Atlas: WIGeoWeb with location factors provides unique and detailed location data

WIGeo Location Atlas provides unique and detailed location data from the entire D-A-CH region. Heat map of retail chains: here you see where there are more owner-managed businesses (in blue), and more chain stores (in red).

Data from the WIGeo Location Atlas: For Unique Location Knowledge

This innovation should be of particular interest for retail chains and real estate specialists. The WIGeo Location Atlas provides location factors and information about locations like no other database. For an additional charge, the data from WIGeo Location Atlas can be integrated into WIGeoWeb

EXAMPLE: With the WIGeo Location Atlas you can answer questions such as:

  • Where can I find an area with luxury brands in Vienna? With creative, alternative products? In a budget-friendly segment?
  • How are the local supply hotspots distributed in Kiel?
  • Where is large-scale retail located in Bern?

You can choose the selection method you want: here you see a comparison between standard and centroid

New: Four different options are now available when making a location-based selection. Here you can see two different selection methods.

Multiple Selection Methods: For More Flexibility

New with WIGeoWeb 5.2, you can now choose between different selection methods:

  • Selection geometry contains layer objects (default)
  • Intersects layer objects
  • Contains layer objects completely
  • Centroid of layer objects

EXAMPLE: You have calculated a catchment area and now want to select the ZIP Code areas, but only those that are centrally located in the catchment area. Then use "Centroid of layer objects" for the selection. The selection on the map then looks like the screenshot on the right.

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WIGeoWeb Not Only Makes Your Business Better, but Also Faster

With the WebGIS WIGeoWeb, you can analyze your markets and visualize your data on an interactive map clearly, intuitively and easily. You understand your business better and can act faster. The new functions give your analyses additional insight.

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