Achieve your goal even faster – That is the motto for WIGeoWeb Release 5.1. We have made our WebGIS software even easier and more practical for your everyday analyses. So that you can get results and achieve your goals faster.

WIGeoWeb is the geomarketing WebGIS that allows you to analyze and easily understand data by visualizing it on an interactive map. Market reports can then be created with the push of a button.

WIGeoWeb Highlights in Use

This video will show you how to use the new features of WIGeoWeb 5.1.

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Screenshot of the WebGIS info button function

Info Button – All the Relevant Information with a Single Click

Clicking on the magnifying glass with the question mark will provide you with all the data relevant for each of your queries in a window next to the map. The CMS can control which information is displayed here.

EXAMPLE: You are a regional manager and would like to see all the important market data for a municipality in your region. With a click, WIGeoWeb shows you age, population density, household size and all the other attributes that have been set in the CMS.

Screenshot of the WebGIS bookmark function

Bookmark Function – Save Your Favorite Analyses

With the new bookmark function, you can save analyses and map views that you need and use frequently. You can open the saved maps by clicking on the star. This feature is also useful if you frequently do analyses in a specific region.

EXAMPLE: You would like to keep an eye on important locations or areas over time and present the development in a review discussion.

Screenshot of the WebGIS attribute and data selection function

Attribute Selection

WIGeoWeb now also offers new attribute selection methods. This function allows you to select all the data records that match your query based on the available attributes. You can then start further analysis steps with the selected objects.

EXAMPLE: You would like to see the purchasing power data in all the ZIP Code areas in Bavaria with a large number of inhabitants. Simply select the areas with high population numbers in WIGeoWeb and create a report for these areas.

Screenshot of the WebGIS multiselect function

Multiselect Function

The selection tools have been optimized: If you have already selected objects in the map, it is now even easier to add further objects to this selection or remove them from the selection using the map. The selected objects are highlighted on the map and in the data table and you can use them as a starting point for various analyses, for example download, reports or editing.

EXAMPLE: You looked at the organic purchasing power in Freiburg. Now you would like to know about the organic purchasing power in Villingen-Schwennigen, Mulhouse and Basel and compare them. Simply click on the areas and add them to your analysis

Screenshot of the automatic data processing in WebGIS ETL

Automated Data Processing

Click on the gear icon to start data processing tasks. All processing is done via the Python-based standard interface WIGeoETL and can be flexibly adapted to your specific needs.

EXAMPLE: Different data about your locations is regularly expanded, e.g. sales figures, customer surveys, bestsellers. Thanks to the automated data processing, this data always arrives correctly (no transmission errors) and promptly in the WebGIS and is available for analysis.

Test all the WIGeoWeb functions for free with no obligation. The trial period ends automatically.

WIGeoWeb Not Only Makes Your Business Better, but Also Faster

With the WebGIS WIGeoWeb, you can analyze your markets and visualize your data on an interactive map clearly, intuitively and easily. You understand your business better and can act faster. The new functions give your analyses additional momentum.

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