Erste Bank customer and market data analysis with WIGeoGIS

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Erste Bank customer and market data analysis with WIGeoGIS

In order to support the 143 Erste Bank branches in Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland with marketing campaigns as personally and flexibly as possible and be able to reach the desired target audiences within the branch areas optimally, Erste Bank´s branch marketing department has for years relied on a web-based branch and marketing information system from WIGeoGIS.

Erste Bank’s core application is a branch information system based on digital maps. This tool makes it possible to scrutinise with precision the point of sale (POS), together with the appurtenant catchment area, in terms of market data and customer-specific figures. This information assists in planning branch-specific marketing campaigns, as the distinctive characteristics of the observed area become clear.

The identification of the target audience occurs at the administrative district level—on the basis of sociodemographic figures from Statistik Austria on the one hand and, on the other hand, purchasing power and company-specific data such as KSV and Herold company data. In addition to the absolute target audience emergence within the catchment areas, the target audience figures can also be set in relation to performance figures, so that the administrative districts in which the given private customer potential in the 20- to 30-year-old age group would be best tapped. Conversely, administrative districts that exhibit high potential yet still-low performance can easily be selected via the tool in order to take them into particular consideration in spatial marketing campaigns.

Branch marketing: location-related and target audience-oriented
This web-based tool makes it possible for Erste Bank’s branch marketing team to determine quickly whether a branch possesses sufficient potential for the planned marketing campaign or whether that branch would best participate in a different marketing campaign. The greatest possible effect can thereby be achieved with the available advertising budgets or the costs of advertising media commensurately reduced.

The emergence of service-oriented architecture (SOA) represents a current trend in information technology and is characterised by connecting an application to existing business processes. The functional expansion of the Erste Bank application in accordance with the emergence of SOA was integrated into the existing user interface last year. The expansion makes it possible to automatically provide any number of potential addresses that are present in a table with the corresponding information from the branch catchment area. In the process, the addresses are first sent to the WIGeoGIS geocoding server, which provides the records with X-Y coordinates as a first step. Subsequently, each address is compared with the current catchment area structures of Erste Bank and, in this case, also with the Sparkasse areas.

The right branch for the potential address
The starting addresses can thereby simply and quickly be assigned to the corresponding branches so that the existing territory protection of Erste Bank, and in this case also Sparkasse, can be taken into consideration in mailing campaigns. The integration of different and cross-departmental requirements in the Erste Bank application also helps to save time: A significant, standardised report is available as a decision-making aid for individual marketing campaigns at the press of a button, and potential new customer addresses can just as quickly be allocated to the defined catchment areas. On the other hand, advertising media costs can be saved, since each branch is assessed in terms of its possible participation in the planned marketing campaign. According to Ulrike Hofmann, head of branch marketing for Erste Bank, “The WIGeoGIS tool helps us to recognize the specifics of our branch catchment areas and to minimise wastage in the individual marketing measures.”

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