Location analysis in real estate development at the FIM Unternehmensgruppe

Case Study Overview

Customer: FIM Unternehmensgruppe

Areas of application: Location assessment, location analysis, location planning, real estate development

Product: WIGeoLocation

Goal: Assessment of the potential for retail properties such as purchasing power, purchasing power volume and competition in the catchment area

Use: 5 to 6 active users, including two heavy users

Retail Property with High Potential for Appreciation

The FIM Unternehmensgruppe is an independent specialist for retail property based in Bamberg. The group makes long-term investments in retail properties and in their revitalization and optimization. The goal is to expand their own portfolio. FIM focuses on food retail properties that are already in operation and have a high level of sustainability and potential for further increases in value.

In order to proceed more efficiently and quickly in the pre-selection of properties, FIM has been successfully using the GIS software WIGeoLocation for more than a year.

“During the process of purchasing suitable retail properties, we have to quickly distinguish between irrelevant and relevant properties, i.e. to get an idea of whether a property that is offered to us meets our criteria and is economically promising. WIGeoLocation makes this work much easier for us.”
Adrian Harmansa, Head of Market Research and Analysis, FIM Unternehmensgruppe

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Location Analysis for the Best Property Purchase Decision

FIM strives to gradually expand their existing portfolio with further valuable retail properties and is therefore constantly on the lookout for suitable locations and properties within Germany.

“I have to analyze every location that is for sale in advance,” says Adrian Harmansa, Head of Market Research and Analysis at FIM. “In order to be able to make an initial statement about the potential of a location, I want to know where and how big the competitors are, what the purchasing power is in the catchment area, etc. This is important for us as an investor as well as for the tenants and the bank. With WIGeoLocation, I get this information at a glance on a digital map.”

In addition, the FIM Unternehmensgruppe implements optimization measures that maintain or increase the value of the property portfolio. That is why Adrian Harmansa uses the WIGeoLocation software to perform daily location analyses for potential new locations, as well as to optimize existing locations. His colleagues at FIM also regularly use WIGeoLocation for location assessments.

Location analysis at the FIM Unternehmensgruppe with WIGeoLocation

How big is the catchment area of a retail property? How big is the regional market potential?

Efficient Location Search in Just 3 Easy Steps

WIGeoLocation shows immediately if potential locations are fundamentally interesting or irrelevant for FIM. “That saves time and work and makes location scouting more efficient,” says Adrian Harmansa.

Because WIGeoLocation delivers the corresponding data in just 3 easy steps:

  1. First, the FIM employees enter the address of the property into the software.
  2. Then they select the catchment area (e.g. 10 minutes driving time, 5 minutes walking time).
  3. The software immediately displays all the relevant information on a digital map.

If the initial location analysis with WIGeoLocation reveals that a property is worth a second look, we do an on-site inspection. If FIM then still classifies the property as interesting, more in-depth analyses are performed. The management then decides on the purchase based on the location analysis and the information researched on site.

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Location Factors: From Inhabitant to Competition

At FIM, 5 to 6 employees use the WIGeoLocation software each day to help them with every purchase decision. As soon as FIM has an offer for the purchase of a retail property on the table, there are a few things they are interested in. On one hand, they want to know the number of inhabitants and the purchasing power in the catchment area of the property. On the other hand, they want information about the competition. All of these are indicators of the potential of a location.

Since the focus is on retail properties, FIM’s assessment of the market environment primarily looks at other retailers such as supermarkets, drugstores and shopping centers in the catchment area and their distance from the potential property.

Shops in the vicinity of the retail properties that are relevant to the location assessment

Visualization of the market environment in WIGeoLocation: the retail chain stores are relevant in the location assessment

Report function for location analysis

The FIM team also regularly uses the report function of WIGeoLocation to automatically generate reports for queried addresses. These reports clearly summarize all the relevant information and display the results on a map when needed. These reports are also repeatedly presented to the decision-makers in the company, tenants and banks, so that they can quickly gain an overview of the potential of the location or property.

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Adapt the location analysis to meet your needs

The location analysis tool WIGeoLocation also grows with FIM the more it is used. This is because Adrian Harmansa and his colleagues continue to enter new data into the system, for example when they perform on-site research and discover that the sales area of a competitor in the vicinity has changed, thus continuously improving the quality and informative value of the analyses in WIGeoLocation.

In addition, if necessary, individual standardized functions in WIGeoLocation can be adapted to the specific needs of FIM with the help of the WIGeoGIS team, making the use even more targeted and efficient.

Adrian Harmansa summarizes: “WIGeoLocation is a powerful tool that greatly impacts our daily work and makes location assessment much easier.”

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