An Overview of our Market Data Portfolio

The range of market data available is large and varied. We provide socio-demographic data, purchasing power ratios and B2B data for all European countries. We have an overview and will help you make the right selection. To make sure you get the best, and at the best price.

Regional Market Data for Germany

Regional Market Data for Germany

Based on ZIP Codes and municipal boundaries or small-scale based on raster cells in fixed sizes: we will provide you with every imaginable demographic characteristic for Germany.

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Regional market data for Austria

Regional Market Data for Austria

WIGeoGIS integrates data from Statistics Austria into the basic geomarketing data products, updated annually. You have access to the highest-quality market data for Austria. At every spatial level.

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Purchasing Power Europe

Purchasing Power Data

Purchasing power data is reliable market data for companies that sell consumer products to end users. Purchasing power data is used in numerous geomarketing analyses.

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GEOmarkets - Regional Market Data for Germany

GEOmarkets: Regional Market Data for Germany

GEOmarkets are ideal for small-scale market analyses. They comprise an average of 300 households and take ZIP codes and municipal borders into account.

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Small-scale, Detailed Market Data on a Geographic Grid Layer

Regional Market Data in Geographic Grid Cells Germany

The AZ Germany-Raster includes regional market data for Germany in geographic grid - always equal areas of 100 x 100 m up to areas of 10 x 10 km.

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Data on Online Affinity and Online Purchasing Power

Data on Online Affinity and Online Purchasing Power

Data on internet usage are now essential. Retailers can use this data to localize target groups and estimate their market potential in online and brick and mortar retail.

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An Overview of our Geodata Portfolio

WIGeoGIS offers worldwide geodata to leading providers.The high-quality digital data is extremely accurate and fresh. The data is also available as Web Services (API).

TomTom Geodata

TomTom Geodata

TomTom geodata is available for 90 countries worldwide and uses a standardized structure. This geodata is of the highest quality: proven, standardized, current and customizable.

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Up-to-Date Traffic Data for Your Analyses

Traffic Data for Your Planning and Analysis

Number of vehicles and speeds for each day around the clock. Small-scale, reliable and accurate from TomTom.

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Bing Maps

Bing Maps - Geodata as Web Services

Bing Maps are high quality worldwide web services from Microsoft that provide maps, aerial photos, geocoding and routing. WIGeoGIS is an authorized distributor.

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