GEOmarkets: Small-scale Market and Geodata for Sales, Marketing and Location Planning

GEOmarkets - Official Data and Microgeographic Information in One

WIGeoGIS partner panadress marketing intelligence supplements this data with official data for 22.5 million buildings with information accurate down to the house number. This combination makes GEOmarkets a very precise and reliable basis for planning.

The data comes from various sources such as public directory data, high-quality anonymized address sources, surveys, the analysis of aerial photographs and official statistics. While microgeographic information was originally collected at the home level, official data is available at the municipal, district or state level. The data is merged using mathematical methods to create very valid, "officially calibrated" and scientifically validated data sets.

All data is anonymous and compliant with data protection laws making it impossible to draw conclusions about any individuals.

160.000 German “GEOmarkets”

GEOmarkets are the detailed spatial level of panadress. They include an average of approximately 300 households. Spatial barriers such as mountains, rivers, lakes, as well as railway lines and motorways influence the perception of one’s own environment and thus the choice of shopping location. GEOmarkets take these natural barriers and therefore human behavior into account and  always ends at the natural boundary, provided there is one. GEOmarkets are always based on ZIP code borders and are therefore 100% compatible with ZIP code borders.

From small-scale to ZIP Code and municipality: GEOmarkets are suitable for all types of market analyses.

Over 100 Attributes

From A like age group to generation Z.

Available at the following levels:

  • Geomarkets (average 520 inhabitants) or larger
  • Municipalities (average 10,000 inhabitants)
  • ZIP Codes (average 7,400 inhabitants)

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GEOmarkets spatial level


  • Single
  • “Midst of life” 25 to 44 years
  • Purchasing power for toys average
  • Self-employed/freelance
  • Average relocation activity
  • 3-Person Household
  • Commuter
  • And much more

Consumers, Consumption, Automotive

  • “No advertising” household
  • Well-insured
  • Willing to change service providers (electricity/gas)
  • Affluent in the green belt
  • Baby boomer
  • Best Ager
  • Vehicle age 10 years and older
  • Drives a company car
  • And much more


  • One- or two-family house
  • Apartment building with 11 to 20 households
  • Very good residential area
  • No garden
  • Building age 1961-1980
  • Central location
  • Mixed use
  • And much more

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Geomarketing: Save Costs through Secondary Research

Primary research is related to market data when data is collected directly, e.g. in opinion polls, customer surveys, etc. Such market research instruments are usually expensive. In secondary research, it is often possible to gain the same information at a fraction of the cost through clever analytics: High-quality market data in combination with the right attributes provide very precise answers in order to localize a defined target group regionally.

WIGeoGIS Senior Consultant Simon Lühr provides an example: “By combining age group, family structure and purchasing power based on consumer products and purchasing motive, one can see where the most singles from 20 to 39 years with a high purchasing power for womens clothing and a preference for branded products can be found in a region.”

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* Information about the free test data: Selected test data for Germany is available for districts in Munich and the surrounding areas. The products of WIGeoGIS are intended for companies and are not suitable for private use. If you need a one-time market analysis, we will gladly make you a service offer.


  • What are the advantages of target group analysis with GEOmarkets?

    For companies, it helps you to avoid wastage and save printing and distribution costs for direct marketing campaigns. For retail stores or banks, it helps you to make better location decisions by allowing you to calculate catchment areas and target groups more precisely. Companies can also optimize their direct sales. For example, areas with the highest purchasing power can be identified.

  • Does WIGeoGIS also provide key figures on population development?

    Yes! In addition to key figures on population development that compare the current population with a previous time, information is also often available for population projections, which for example is important for branch network planning.

  • Does GEOmarkets data comply with the GDPR

    As all of the data providers in our partner pool, panadress offers data, which comply 100 % with the GDPR. Demographic data is aggregated data that does not allow conclusions to be drawn about individuals. Therefore, it is not considered as personal data within the meaning of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Market data providers are subject to the strict rules of the GDPR and may not deliver data that allows conclusions to be drawn about individuals.

  • What is microgeographic data?

    In Geomarketing, we consider small-scalled geographical data as well as sociodemographics data on a very detailed spatial level e.g. on building-level, street sections-level or grid cells size of 100m x 100m as "micro".

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