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GEOmarkets: Small-scale Market and Geodata for Sales, Marketing and Location Planning

GEOmarkets - Official Data and Microgeographic Information in One

The detailed structure of GEOmarkets make them ideal for planning franchise areas, advertising distribution areas or sales territories. Germany consists of approximately 155,000 GEOmarkets.

These include an average of approximately 300 households. This corresponds to the size of a manageable area consisting of several streets and very similar living quarters in terms of social structure.

WIGeoGIS partner panadress marketing intelligence supplements this data with official data for 22.5 million buildings with information accurate down to the house number. This combination makes GEOmarkets a very precise and reliable basis for planning.

GEOmarkets include an average of approximately 300 households in Germany

GEOmarkets are Based on Human Behavior

Spatial barriers such as mountains, rivers, lakes, as well as railway lines and motorways influence the perception of one’s own environment and thus the choice of shopping location.“GEOmarkets take these natural barriers and therefore human behavior into account. A GEOmarket always ends at the natural boundary, provided there is one,” says Olaf Grohmann, authorized signatory at panadress marketing intelligence.

GEOmarkets are 100% compatible with ZIP code borders.

GEOmarkets are always based on ZIP code borders. The market potential at the GEOmarkets level can therefore always be determined for superordinate ZIP codes or sales territories.

GEOmarkets Offer a Wide Range of Data

  • Building structure
  • Population data
  • Purchasing power
  • Consumer behavior
  • Product affinities such as travel
  • Newspapers, fitness, wellness, OTC products, finance and insurance

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“Our goal in developing the GEOmarkets was to create a spatial unit, that can be used immediately for spatial analysis. Simply contact me for more detailed information.”



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