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Accurate Regional Analyses Require Quality Market Data

Small-scale market data helps you to objectively analyze regional market potentials, sales and locations. WIGeoGIS provides comprehensive regional market information.

Depending on the country, market data and geodata are available for different spatial levels: municipalities, ZIP codes, census areas, INSPIRE grid cells or road sections.

The available data ranges from information on the demographics and socio-economics of the population (age, life stage, purchasing power, environment, education, marital status, origin and unemployment rate), to product preferences, consumer types and preferred purchasing and information channels.

In addition to classic living environment data, WIGeoGIS also provides you with information on everything from building structure to traffic volumes and foot traffic to commuter patterns.

WIGeoGIS will help you find the optimal selection for your needs.

ArcAustria, the Austrian standard market data

ArcAustria - Comprehensive Market Data for Austria

WIGeoGIS is a distribution partner of Statistics Austria and integrates current data from Statistics Austria in the geomarketing basic data product ArcAustria. The data is updated annually.

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Small-scale, Detailed Market Data at a Raster Layer

AZ Germany-Raster

The AZ Germany-Raster includes comprehensive regional market data for Germany in always equal areas of 100 x 100 m up to areas of 10 x 10 km. The raster cells are INSPIRE compliant.

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GEOmarkets - Regional Market Data for Germany

GEOmarkets: Regional Market Data for Germany

GEOmarkets are ideal for small-scale market analyses. They comprise an average of 300 households and take ZIP codes and municipal borders into account.

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Worldwide Purchasing Power Data

Purchasing power data is reliable market data for companies that sell consumer products to end users. Purchasing power data is often used in geomarketing analyses.

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B2B Addresses for Geomarketing

WIGeoGIS provides the classic range of business addresses, such as location lists of large chain stores and POIs as well as specialized databases for pharmacies, doctors and hospitals. The data is provided by experts for B2B addresses from the WIGeoGIS partner network.

Business Density and Individual Information with Herold Business Data
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International Market Data for Your Analyses

International Market Data Specifically for Your Industry

WIGeoGIS offers a wide range of quality, international market information tailored for your specific needs.

Our partners include providers such as Acxiom, arvato az direct, Bisnode, datawise, eniro, GfK Geomarketing, Herold Business Data, map & route GmbH, MB Research, panadress marketing intelligence, RegioData, Statistik Austria and many more.

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WIGeoGIS provides you with market and address information from various providers bundled from a single source, for any country where you need up-to-date knowledge of the market. With WIGeoGIS, you have a central provider who researches all the spatial data you require and prepares it according to your specific needs. Global, international, local!
Market data can be used to examine the relationship between the regional sales success and the dominant socio-demographic characteristics in the area. If a target group is identified, we can then search for other regions that have a particularly high share of this target group we know generates success.
WIGeoGIS always has the latest data from the different data providers. The update cycles of the individual data providers are very different. Population and purchasing power figures are typically only updated 1x per year, while company data is updated continuously. Official postal addresses can be updated monthly if required.
Through established partners, WIGeoGIS offers digital business information and company potential for every sector. This company information is perfect for planning regional sales and marketing activities, for market share analysis and for performance checks for your sales areas.
Conclusive transnational geomarketing analysis is only possible if identical attributes exist for each country. The survey methodology and variables, such as the classification by age group for example, must be the same for each country in order to correctly calculate market share and market potential. WIGeoGIS therefore relies on well-known data partners that provide internationally comparable market data.