WIGeoGIS - geomarketing is our business

WIGeoGIS helps private businesses to manage processes with spatial relevance and automated fact based decision making. These range from geomarketing and customer group targeting to in depth analysis of single store sites or whole chain networks, as well as sales force management and customer care.
Our consultants develop market, branch location or potential analyses and support companies in numerous matters involving strategic management, sales and marketing.
Our GIS specialists develop custom map solutions. WIGeoGIS web applications use the latest technology in web and mobile services, to guaranty our clients’ individual analyses and reports anytime and anywhere.

Today WIGeoGIS has offices in Vienna (Austria), Munich (Germany) and Warsaw (Poland). More than 400 customers benefit from our services, products and solutions in over 50 countries worldwide.



AZ Deutschlandraster INSPIRE - The new market data offer for administrative grid

The AZ Deutschlandraster INSPIRE, newly developed by AZ Direct GmbH in cooperation with WIGeoGIS GmbH, now links the comprehensive market data offered by AZ Direct seamlessly with the European-wide geodata of the so-called "INSPIRE grid". The grid corresponds to the specifications of the INSPIRE guidelines set by the European Parliament. A wide range of official data collected by various national and European bodies has already been displayed in this comparable and stable area structure.


WIGeoGIS took part at the conference “Geomarketing Now” in Warsaw Poland


Demand of geomarketing knowledge is increasing. The first geomarketing conference in Poland showed that this kind of event is important for the market. The meeting proved to be an excellent dialogue platform for companies involved in geomarketing.


Mobile GIS: WIGeoWeb mobile module for geomarketing on tablets

The WIGeoWeb mobile provides field staff with more flexibility. This mobile GIS enables on-site geomarketing analyses and data acquisition via tablet. The WIGeoWeb mobile software is designed as a geomarketing web app. It can be used on all tablets, irrespective of the operating system. WIGeoWeb mobile uses HTML5 to guarantee future-proof technology.