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Not so long ago, footfall data was collected manually, just once a year for a period of one hour. The data was not very meaningful. Until, a spin-off of the Aachener Grundvermögen, installed laser scanners on buildings in top downtown locations. At first the scanners were only installed at properties owned by the capital management company, and later, together with partners, at numerous other buildings.

The scanners automatically measure the number of people each hour who cross an imaginary line on a shopping street. The technical solution is so sophisticated that it recognizes the direction of passers-by and distinguishes children from adults.

The data for exact hours is available online, also for mobile devices, free of charge. Peaks and flows are clearly visible. Even for flow rates of 500 people per minute, the scanner count is 99% accurate. The hystreet footfall measurements are both safe for the eyes and compliant with the Data Protection Act. Currently, data is collected at over 100 locations in Germany, and the number is increasing.

Measured daily footfall data for Germany

Footfall - For Whom?

Retail: Planning and analyzing sales, locations, marketing, personnel deployment

Evaluating properties for investors and owners: hard numbers rather than estimates

Urban planning and city marketing, traffic planning

These are just a few examples of possible applications! and WIGeoGIS - A Congenial Partnership was created because the mother of the start-up, the Aachener Grund, wanted to create a better data basis for the evaluation and administration of the properties they managed. However, it soon became clear that the data would be of interest to a much larger group of users and to the public, especially since the company primarily owns downtown properties in prime locations. brings transparency to the visitor numbers of German city centers.

On our own portal, the data is available as graphs for each location, complete with a history, (see picture above), as well as in the form of Excel lists. The continuous and exact measurement per day, week and year make it possible to draw many conclusions and analyze relationships. The weather, holidays, seasons and occurrences such as events in the vicinity or neighboring towns all affect footfall.

“However, much more insight can be gained if you look at the whole picture,” explains CEO Julian C. Aengenvoort. He is thrilled with the opportunity to visualize the data throughout Germany on a map. “You can immediately see everything at a glance, understand the context and reach conclusions faster. Comparisons are easier to draw. This is not only interesting for municipalities and urban planners, but also for actors from the retail and real estate sectors who deal with many locations or objects.”

“It’s a classic win-win situation,” says Simon Lühr, Senior Consultant at WIGeoGIS. “Via the interface in our WebGIS products WIGeoWeb and WIGeoStandort, we can now offer the footfall data from to our customers as well. This works out well, because for the retail and real estate sectors, a WebGIS is also a very useful tool and we are the experts in this field.”

Use current footfall data in your WebGIS

Cologne city center, current footfall data compared to the daily average. Presentation in WebGIS WIGeoStandort, available throughout Germany.

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The footfall data is available free of charge via a preconfigured interface in all of our WebGIS products:

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WIGeoWeb - WebGIS for Geomarketing

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