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ArcGIS for Desktop

The Base Technology for Our Desktop Geomarketing Solutions

ArcGIS is the umbrella term for a family of GIS software products from ESRI. Together with the extensions from WIGeoGIS, ArcGIS for Desktop serves as the base technology for geomarketing analyses.

With ArcGIS, you can easily create maps and visualize your data, edit spreadsheets and create layouts of your analyses to be included in your presentations.

ArcGIS stands out with its support for IT standards and open and modular structure. For you, this means a high degree of investment security. You can start with “simple” modules and upgrade when required. You can easily adapt and integrate further ArcGIS products into your corporate structure.

In combination with our market and geodata and the WIGeoGIS extensions, with ArcGIS we offer a proven basis for your geomarketing questions.

ArcGIS - Basis for Custom Extensions

WIGeoGIS creates modules and extensions  for ArcGIS for automating custom recurring tasks. With the ArcGIS ModelBuilder, you also have a powerful tool for automation. WIGeoGIS has an experienced team of ModelBuilder experts and Python and .NET developers, allowing us to quickly and affordably create ArcGIS Extensions that meet your exact needs.

The application areas are varied:

  • Individual customer modules
  • Catchment area buffer
  • Automated geocoding
  • Location reports

    Add-in: The Basis for Numerous Extensions

    An add-in is an additional program that is integrated into ArcGIS for Desktop to provide custom functions. Desktop add-ins are created with Python. WIGeoGIS uses these development tools for your custom software extensions.

Geomarketing Training for ArcGIS

WIGeoGIS offers customized geomarketing training. You will learn geomarketing methods, the correct use and interpretation of market data and how to use the geomarketing software. The practical training is tailored to meet your specific needs.

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