Pin-Maps: Your Addresses on the Map

How do I put my locations, customers and other address data on the interactive map?

To put your addresses on the map, they need to be “geocoded”, as we say in the industry. Geocoding assigns XY coordinates to an address. This is done with geocoder software.

WIGeoGIS provides a state-of-the-art online geocoder. JoinAddress Web means fully automatic, high-precision geocoding in your browser. No software to install, nothing to download. Just log in and get started. WIGeoGIS has more than 20 years of experience and expertise in geocoding and WebGIS.

Geocoding - Technical Basis for the Creation of Pin Maps

Almost everyone knows about pin maps and the display of addresses on interactive maps from Google, Bing or MapPoint. What many do not know: It is based on a technological masterpiece. Special software called geocoding software, locates addresses or other spatial data (e.g. sales areas, catchment areas) on the map. The geocoder assigns the address XY coordinates. The quality of these coordinates can vary significantly. The highest quality level is extremely precise. Market leaders in the map area do not always provide the most accurate location data for every country worldwide. JoinAddress, however, employs a sophisticated mechanism to ensure precise addresses. When is this relevant? For example, if you need to know exactly where a parking lot, a mailbox or a garden is located and 50 meters away simply is not accurate enough.

Geocoding as technical basis for the creation of Pin Maps

JoinAddress web functions at a glance

  • Display addresses on a digital map
  • Geocoding of worldwide addresses
  • Online geocoding directly in your browser
  • Find coordinates
  • Upload and download addresses and coordinates via Excel
  • Register with absolutely no obligation
  • Geocode 400 addresses for free

Find coordinates quickly and easily with an intuitive interface

To find the coordinates for your addresses, you have to geocode them. With JoinAddress Web, you can do it quickly and easily. Once registered, upload your addresses. The geocoding is automated. The geocoder is very intuitive and easy to use, even if you are geocoding data for the first time. If you somehow still have difficulties, we are always happy to help. Simply call: +49 89 321998 41

Geocoder with Excel Upload and Download

You can upload the addresses that you wish to geocode to JoinAddress Web as xls or txt files. The geocoding is performed on our secure WIGeoGIS server. After completing the geocoding and any manual editing of the addresses, you can download the data including the coordinates from the server as an xls file. If you want to keep the data available for later processing, you can save it as a project. You can also completely delete all the data immediately after it has been geocoded and downloaded.

If you are satisfied with JoinAddress Web and want to geocode further addresses, you can flexibly purchase geocoding credits in different sizes. The smallest geocoding quota includes 1,000 addresses. The larger the geocoding quota, the better the price value. For a geocoding quota of 50,000 addresses or more, the price per address is less than 4 cents. Would you like to purchase geocoding credits now?

JoinAddress: Fill out the form, test it free of charge & without obligation!

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  • Test ends automatically without cancellation
  • Geocode 400 addresses for free


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