Our Digital ZIP Code Maps at a Glance

  • Digital ZIP Code maps for all of Europe
  • Always up to date
  • Geometries available according to the ZIP Code system of the respective country (e.g. Germany up to 5 digits)
  • Available in all standard formats
  • Suitable for further editing for graphics and marketing purposes
  • The data of your choice can be included upon request
  • Suitable for GIS and geomarketing analyses

ZIP Code Map for Graphics or Geoanalytics

ZIP Code Maps for Graphics and Marketing

ZIP Code Maps for Graphics and Marketing

You receive the digital ZIP Code maps to order, uncomplicated and fast in all the standard formats:

  • PowerPoint
  • SVG
  • Adobe Illustrator and other graphics programs

Ideal for graphic designers, web designers, creative agencies and marketing departments.

ZIP Code maps for your GIS analyses

ZIP Code Maps for Geo-analyses

Do you need ZIP Code maps for your GIS analyses? Do you want to create geographic analyses based on ZIP Codes? We deliver the maps including the market data of your choice. ZIP Code maps are available in the following formats:

  • Shapefile / Geodatabase
  • GeoJSON
  • Windows Enhanced Metafile (EMF)
  • and many more…

ZIP Code map according to ZIP Code 1, ZIP Code 2 and ZIP Code 5

ZIP Code Map for Germany

ZIP Code maps for Germany are always up to date and available in all standard formats. You will receive the digital ZIP Code maps and geometries at the desired area level:

  • ZIP Code zone (Zip Code 1, one-digit)
  • ZIP Code region (ZIP Code 2, two digits) for your Amazon analyses
  • ZIP Code (ZIP Code 5, five digits) for analysis of postal addresses e.g. market shares

Create a Custom ZIP Code Map

ZIP Code Maps in Use: Display Customer Data with ZIP Code Areas

There are various ways in which you can use ZIP Code maps in your company. An example is the display of customer data in ZIP Code areas. In this video tutorial we show you how to do this in QGIS. Our ZIP Code maps and geodata are suitable for all common GIS tools.

These Geo-analysis Questions Can Be Answered with ZIP Code Maps

  • Where do I make the most sales?
  • How are my customers distributed in the ZIP Code areas?
  • How many inhabitants are in a specific area?
  • Where is my target group most strongly represented?
  • Where do I have the highest/lowest market share?
  • Where are the "white spaces" in my market area?
  • Which sales representative is responsible where?

The information from digital maps makes it possible to conduct geographic analyses and create thematic maps, for example such as:

  • Sales area maps
  • Customer service representative maps
  • Service area maps
  • Customer maps/market shares
  • Target group maps
  • Market penetration maps

The ZIP Code represents a first, simple introduction to spatial analysis. Geographic analysis is possible on other spatial levels that can be defined in great detail and specifically for the customer’s needs.

Request Your ZIP Code Map Now!

Simply call or email me with your requirements. Graphic artists will receive their ZIP Code map on the same day. ZIP Code maps that include data will be delivered within a few days.


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