Automated Analysis Processes - Integration of WIGeoGIS Extensions into ArcToolbox

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Automated Analysis Processes - Integration of WIGeoGIS Extensions into ArcToolbox

ArcToolbox and ModelBuilder allow the ArcGIS user to automate recurring geo-manipulation

As an example, let’s take a typical process for site evaluation. Up to now, the site was first geocoded, then catchment area assessed, then population and other site-relevant data for this area ascertained, and finally a corresponding report generated. With the ModelBuilder, you can integrate all of these individual functions in one model. In other words, you open the model, enter an address and perform the entire process with just one click.

The following WIGeoGIS extensions have been integrated into the ArcToolbox and are available: 

  • WIGeoReport – Export to maps and Excel
  • WIGeoProfil – Attribute inheritance and Hotspot analysis
  • WIGeoNetwork - Street network analyses

WIGeoGIS extensions can be integrated into the ArcToolbox

For users who already work with our extensions, nothing about the hitherto existing operation changes in principle. All functions can still be called via the corresponding toolbar for the individual components. Moreover, an eponymous toolbox will be available with the functions of the expansion in the ArcToolbox window. These functions can be added to a model and combined interactively, as you may already know from the ArcGIS standard tools.

The extensions’ functions have been broken down into modules that make sense. This has the advantage that the represented processes of the finished models are clearly arranged. Whether you are working with the expansion or the toolbox, the functions access identical algorithms and therefore output identical results as well.

Should you require customized functions or support in the implementation of your models, we would be happy to assist you with our comprehensive know-how.

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